iON – Simplifying IT for SMBs


The beginning of any success is small. And no wonder there is so much enthusiasm about small businesses today. The nation is turning into an economic powerhouse, focusing much of its expectations on this sector which constitutes for more than half of the economy. The role of IT therefore cannot be understated. Efficiency, to be competitive and better processes to control the complexities of growth, are both inspiring SMBs to turn towards IT. ERP and mobile computing are no longer tools confined to global businesses, but are also the mantra for smaller ones, who aspire to be closely tied to the supply chain spread across the globe. On the other hand, the vibrant domestic consumer market in India is propelling domestic growth, demanding equal sophistication from SMBs that global brands have shown. So where is the fine line between small and big? The only line which was scale is now the future of any SMB.

Seeing equal opportunity in SMBs, as it sees in its global clients, TCS built iON with the vision of jumpstarting small and medium business with tight-fisted IT., thus giving SMBs the opportunity to invest less in IT and grow it with their business. In other words, allowing customers to pay as they use and still choose to be sophisticated.

iON therefore means a few things. It is cloud computing – but not only software. It includes all the services that are required to get IT operational in a business. It could be infrastructure and network, consulting or processes tuned to small and medium businesses – it is like you switch on IT and it is live; you then use and you pay as much. While cloud computing brings with it the promise of low investment IT, iON stretches it to no-hassle IT.

Today, iON has hundreds of customers using its software and services. Some of them are formidable brands in the domestic market which chose not to host any software on their premises. Nor did they keep any IT staff. Their requirements are a phone call away, and when they call iON’s 24×7 helpdesk, they have the experience of having expert IT staff at their service virtually in-house.

An ambitious goal in 2011, iON is no

w delivered with ease to geographically spread users. iON offers SMB a fully integrated solution for all their IT requirements and helps them leverage technology to be globally competitive. With iON, SMBs enjoy best-in-class service as large enterprises do, at considerably lower costs, without blocking scarce capital in expensive IT assets and IT talent. That’s cloud computing-the iON way.

About Author:

Venguswamy Ramaswamy Global Head – iON

Venguswamy Ramaswamy Global Head – iON

Mr. Venguswamy Ramaswamy (Swamy) is the Global Head of iON, Tata Consultancy Services’ strategic unit for Small and Medium Business. iON provides end-to-end business solutions to the SMB segment. In his previous role, Swamy was the Director of TCS’ Global Consulting Practice (GCP) and was instrumental in the structural formation, development, and positioning of TCS’ consulting offerings.

Swamy has been listed a mongst the Global Top 25 Business Consultants in Consulting Magazine in 2007. To note, some of his recent engagements are; Small Business Congress, Cloud Connect, The Mahakumbh for Entrepreneurs, Indian IT Summit and International Conference on Services in Emerging Markets.

During his 18+ year tenure at TCS, Swamy has held several strategic positions that have included managing key customer relationships, building and heading the Process Consulting Group, managing the Corporate Resource Management function, leading numerous Centers of Excellence, as well as launching TCS’ first steps in geographies such as Hungary and China.

Swamy is a firm believer in the power of IT to create business value and is known for his interest in Innovation & Quality and expertise in Six Sigma. He is also recognized as a champion of many digitization drives within TCS, including deploying digital platforms for Six Sigma, creativity, and talent acquisition.

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