DIMENSiON June 2018 | Learning

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TCS iON Digital Learning

Maintaining organization branding is now easier for admin

Feature: Watermarking configuration in iDL

Description: Introducing Watermarking for the Media files in the communities and documents in the Course Content.

The Organisation admin will get an option to enable the watermarking and upload logo under configuration tab of preferences.

When watermarking is enabled and logo is uploaded then at the time of media creation or content creation, you will get an option ‘Do you want to add watermark’. On selecting yes, the logo uploaded will appear on the files.

 Note: It is applicable for image converted document files and videos.

Key benefits:

Admin can do the organization branding using this feature

Course content can easily navigate on mobile device

Feature: Manage Courses in mTop

Description: Now, the admin or faculty can preview their courses from their mobile devices using the Manage Courses tab. This tab will be available on the default landing page. On navigating through this tab, the admin or faculty can go through the Course template or Batches content.

Key benefits:

Admin or faculty can easily navigate through the course content from mobile devices.

Get the notification of Course completion by completing mandatory nodes

Feature: Completion progress and grading based on mandatory nodes.

Description: Now, the course completion meter will increase on the completion of mandatory nodes.

Earlier, the participant used to complete all the nodes and the course completion meter or grading was based on each node completion.

Now, a configuration checkbox ‘Consider Course as complete on completion of mandatory units’ will be available for the admins under Configure Grading Scheme screen. On selecting this checkbox, grades will be configured on the basis of mandatory nodes completion. Course Completion meter will progress for the participant, on completion of the mandatory nodes only. This option will be based on the selection of the mandatory nodes only

Key benefits:

  • The user will be able to complete the course by completing mandatory nodes.
  • Admin will be able to Calculate Grades for the participant on the same basis.


Highlights of the month :-

Configuration for sorting timeline on basis of the chronological order of Posts

Users can now sort timeline on basis of their chronological ordering (ascending in terms of their creation time)

Description: Introducing a new sorting configuration Chronological Order of Post on the timeline. With this sorting configuration, the timeline will show the first post at the top and similarly, the later ones in their chronological order of posting. This will help you to maintain the sequential ordering of the posts.

The three sorting options are:

  • Recently Created Post
  • Recently Acted upon post
  • The chronological order of post

These sorting options will be available as icons on the timeline.

Key benefits:

The user will be able to sort timeline in a sequential manner.

Resend mail notification for external user credentials

Resend mail to new external user invited in an Organisation

Description:  Introducing a feature to resend mail notification for the external user credentials. With this new feature, whenever a new external user is invited, the login credentials for the user is shared via mail to them; in case, a user deletes that mail by mistake then the admin can trigger a new mailer with the credentials to provide the access.

This resend mail option will be available in Pending Invitations screen under the Manage Options of Community Admin Panel.

Key benefits:

The external user can get his credentials using this resend mail option.





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