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How Different is It for Teachers in the Digital Age?

21st century means the Digital Age for most of the human beings, and re-defining the way we live on this planet. For millennials’ digital is default and is a core nature by itself.  Every human being is living two lives simultaneously that is Digital Life and Physical Life and there is a great need of unification of both through a Phygital Model.

Given this scenario, a teacher’s role in 21st century is crucial to help unify digital and physical channels for the learners to have a better experience in education. This transformation is going to bring a fundamental shift in the following areas, which 21st century teachers should enable, as coaches and mentors.

  • Class rooms should be transformed to learner centered spaces by interconnecting both physical classrooms and digital learning spaces.
  • Learning process should shift from a course centric phenomena to deep dive sessions.
  • Communities, forums and blogs should enable personalized learning and knowledge exchange.
  • There should be more focus on student outcomes and modern method of assessment and evaluation.
  • Metrics and analytical data should be recorded and computed to gauge the strength & weakness of the students.
  • Digital tool should be used extensively to enable learning and collaboration in the digital age.
  • New models of Pedagogy should be adopted to support various types of learning models such as FlipClass Room, Self paced Learning, synchronous and asynchronous Learning.

Teachers in the digital age should be prepare the learners in the following out of the boxes areas:

  • Global Awareness, health & financial literacy, environmental awareness and so on
  • Learning & innovation skills covering critical & creative thinking, communication & collaboration
  • ICT skills encompassing Information & Media
  • Personality development and new career skills encompassing leadership skills, cross cultural skills and so on

Today’s connected classroom provides both teachers and students easier, faster, affordable access to the information, expert, peer and a much bigger community of the educators. The digital age is an exciting period both for teachers and learners as everyone is learning collaboratively to evolve the future of education.



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