5 Reasons To Transform Your Evaluation Process


Recent RTI queries had revealed that the results of numerous exams were delayed, pointing towards the mismanagement in the evaluation and result declaration processes of many universities.

Institutions are particularly struggling with problems like:

  • misplacement and damage of answer scripts in transit,
  • piling marks re-tabulation requests, and
  • delayed query addressal by an inefficient RTI system

What is the issue with that, you ask?

Besides adversely affecting the reputation of the universities in question, a delay in declaration of results jeopardizes the future of the concerned students. It creates unwarranted chaos and loss of confidence in the system.

Therefore, it is imperative to take a progressive step and devise a user friendly, transparent and accurate system of evaluation.

Reasons you should opt for Digital Marking instead of Manual Marking

Digital Marking employs software to accelerate the time consuming and complex system of large-scale evaluation of subjective answer script, while maintaining security and accuracy.

1. Minimizes Efforts and Risks

After the exam, the scripts are transferred to the nearest designated scanning center where they are scanned, digitized and uploaded with encryption onto cloud. The answer scripts are then made available to supervisors, who have a unique ID and password, and are tagged to a set of markers. The distribution of the answer sheets to evaluators can then be carried out manually by the supervisor or dynamically through the system. As no additional time is spent on the physical transfer of answer scripts over long distances, to the various evaluation centres, the risk of loss and damage of the sheets is eliminated. Extra costs incurred in storing the same is also reduced.

2.Promotes Accuracy and Fairness

The capability to map data, such as evaluator, subject, language, question paper set, medium, etc., with 100 percent accuracy makes the system efficient. Built-in self-checks prevent the marks awarded from exceeding the maximum marks allocated for the same. The same scripts are assessed by multiple evaluators, along with intuitive user interface from evaluators based on perspective and observation,thus no scope is left for favouritism or errors.

3.Ensures Efficiency

To provide better security and ensure transparency, digital marking masks student’s details on the answer sheet to protect student identity. This eliminates the chances of discrepancy and ensures fairness in the evaluation process. Real time evaluation status helps to access the progress by means of an effective dashboard. This ensures smooth functioning and prevents unwarranted delays. Assistive intelligence aids evaluators by working as differentiators to highlight missed sections and marks tabulation errors. The supervisor has the discretion to reassign an answer script to another marker. In case of discrepancies, the supervisor’s marks are taken to be final.

4.Addresses Queries Effectively

Once the evaluation is complete, the answer sheets are uploaded again on cloud, making them available and accessible for future reference. The approach caters to the needs of students who wish to review their answer scripts. It also helps to address RTI queries in a time-efficient manner and eliminates unnecessary hassles, thereby upholding the reputation of the institution.

5.Saves Time

The sheer scale of assessments adds to the complexity of the marking process. Elimination of the stagnating factors by digitization of the entire evaluation process, ensures that the system is time efficient and requires minimum effort.

Digitization of the marking process eliminates errors, promotes efficiency and boosts productivity. It addresses the drawbacks of the current evaluation process and assists educational institutions in achieving the desired levels of proficiency, which is also the need of the hour.

We look forward to your comments and encourage you to contact us to discuss more.

To know about TCS iON Digital Marking, visit us at www.tcsion.com



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