DIMENSiON October 2018 | Business Process – Education

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Faster way to generate Form 16 from multiple sites

Feature: Changes in Form 16 format as per statutory requirement

Description: Earlier, the Form 16 Part A displayed the name and designation of the employee. Now you can view the employee number, name and address of the employee.

The changes are as follows:

  • Employee number is printed on the top left part of the form
  • Address availability is checked in the following sequence:
  1. Permanent Address
  2. Present Address
  3. Residential Address
  4. Home Address
  5. Office Address

If all the address fields are blank then the address field is kept as blank.

Additionally, you can also generate Form 16 from multiple sites.

Key benefits: Statutory compliance adhere to and faster generation of Form 16 for multiple sites

Analyze data with new Organizational Reports

Feature: Two new ODRs – Adhoc Payment and recovery and House Rent Details are now available.

Description: New ODRs have added in the last release

  • Adhoc Payment and recovery – Details related to advance recovery/arrears payments to a particular employee in the organisation.
  • House Rent Allowance – Details of HRA deductions done for the particular employee in the organisation.

Key benefits: Organisation can now create their own reports to analyse data of these two entities as per business requirement.


Highlights of the month

Feature: DSS enabled in two modules – Adhoc Payment and recovery and HRA Application

Description: DSS has been enabled in two modules with the following rules :

  • In Adhoc payments/recoveries, DSS button is provided to assist the approver for taking the decision on whether to approve the applications. The rule set is: If an employee, whose application was rejected twice in the past, the approver is warned of the failed status and requesting the admin to cross verify the data again.
  • On the HRA Application screen, approvers can now use the DSS option that helps them to take a decision to approve or reject an application based on past data of the employee. The DSS rule set is: If an employee defined HRA amount > 100,000 but did not provide Landlord PAN Number, DSS warns (fail status) the approver.

Another case is, if for any month employee has used company accommodation as well as has defined HRA Amount, DSS warns (fail status) the approver.

Key benefits: Speeds up the decision-making process, increases organizational control and Enables the automation of the managerial process.

Feature: Audit trail for Paycode rule configurator

Description: Now, the audit trail will be maintained for any changes done in Paycode rule configurator screen, recording the date and time, user detail to record who has made the change and values changed in specific configuration rule.

Key benefits: Audit Trail helps to record integrity and accuracy of data, system protection from misuse or harm, and security of sensitive or important information.

Feature: Enhancement in Payslip PCR and ODR

Description: If in case the organisation name changes during or at the beginning of the financial year, employees and admin can generate their previous payslips with the old organisation name.

Key benefits: Payslip for the pasted period can be generated with the correct organisation name for any statutory requirements.



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