DIMENSiON October 2018 | Learning

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TCS iON Digital Learning

Recommending the post on the community is now simpler

  • Feature: Enhancing the feature in which recommended posts will be displayed on community timeline.
  • Description: In this feature, when the user used to create community/course, the selected profiles of Default user and Community Specific Profiles used to appear together under Recommended Profiles. Now, the user can select all or specific profiles only. If selected recommended profile creates any enabler or he has created/voted up/ favourited any enabler then that enabler is tagged as ‘Recommended’ in Timeline. Recommended enabler will be shown in the community if the author of enabler is unassigned.
  • Key benefits: Post can be made recommended.

Understand course content easily supported with variety of files

  • Feature: Introducing an enhancement for uploadable Course Content description.
  • Description: To upload Course Content, i.e, Transcript of Video, PDF, Image or any uploadable Content, can now be added in the Course. This will help in better understanding of the Course Content. This field is optional.
  • Key benefits: Better understanding of uploaded content

Highlights of the month

  • Feature: Introducing a new feature wherein user have markdown option in CK editor while creating content, assignment and enablers. 
  • Description: A sigma option will be displayed in CK editor while Content and Assignment creation for mathematical formulae. So with the help of this sigma, the user can create mathematical formulae. Initially, the user had an option to write code in source code format only. Now with the implementation of this CR, User can also write code in markdown format.
  • Feature: Adding a feature wherein SCORM access will be secure.
  • Description: Admin will have the configuration to upload SCORM via CDN (Content Delivery Network) in content screen. When this configuration is set as Yes, then SCORM will be saved in a public folder. Hence it will be accessible to any user without login. When this configuration is set as No, SCORM will be stored in private folder so the only user who is the member of that course to which the SCORM belong, will be able to access it with a link (SCORM URL) post login.  By default, this configuration will be set as Yes, as SCORM loading will become slower when the configuration will be No.
  • Key benefits: Secure SCORM serving to end user.
  • Feature: Introducing restriction for users to create the post containing abusive/profane words
  • Description: Organization admin will have a configuration to define the abusive/profane words. When selected abusive words are used in an enabler post(in title/description/ comment/reply) then that post will get auto abused. If any user creates a post that contains the selected abusive words, the user will view a warning pop up. Post warning, when the user posts again then admin will receive a mail regarding abusive post to take necessary action and his post will either get hidden or it will display with icon ‘Reported as Abusive’ based on the Report Abuse configuration in Preferences screen of org admin. Also, If Org Admin, Platform Admin and Community/Course Admins create/comment/reply using any selected abusive word, then the org admin has the configuration whether he wants their post to be auto abused using the checkbox as highlighted below.
  • Key benefits: Profane words will not be used by users.

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