How can recruiters leverage technology to reduce time, cost, and efforts to hire right talent at speed?

Every year witnesses a familiar sight of corporates skimming the best graduates among the 36.64 million students enrolled in higher education[1]  in the country. However, visiting over 350-400 colleges in the placement season involves enormous cost and effort as well as a huge deal of time. Multiple rounds of screening are conducted to minimize human error,which drags the hiring process for months. Additionally, the sporadic rises in demand require businesses to have easy access to eligible candidates when the need arises rather than hiring in bulks and putting them on the bench. Involving technology is thus crucial to address the growing demand for rare digital talent and remain competitive in the market.

Talent-specific Hiring

Digitizing the examination process for selecting candidates would help cover even the remotest locations and bridge the big and small city divide. A comprehensive assessment on the cloud can be conducted in proctored centres across the country. Candidates could be assessed on their job-related knowledge and interpersonal skills, giving them the opportunity to secure jobs with the top companies and get higher salaries. Such a cloud-based application would make the assessment process affordable and time-efficient for recruiters too.

Hiring at Speed

A wide network of dedicated test centres with secure and scalable infrastructure can be used to conduct single section exams at the same time for over a lakh candidates in more than 100 cities.Real-time monitoring at all levels would ensure transparency and efficiency of the assessment process. Digital marking, a cloud-based tool, which leverages the accuracy of technology and the skill of human touch, can be employed to provide 100 percent error-free marking and reduce the evaluation time by 50 percent.

Once the results are processed, a score can be generated, which either qualifies or disqualifies a candidate. Face-to-face or video interviews can then be conducted, depending on the location of the candidate. This would skim the duration of the hiring process from four months to only six weeks.

A similar approach can betaken for experienced professionals where aspirants can select the slots for open-book assessments and interview at their convenience. A walk-in interview can be scheduled immediately after the evaluation,qualifying which one can collect their offer on the very same day.

Reducing Efforts while Maximizing Productivity

The announcement and related promotions of the digital assessment can be made through career portals and social media, which would expand its reach while saving money. Once the word is out, the candidates willing to take the test can fill up a digital profile form and make the payment online.

A micro-site can be designed with all exam-related information to provide the necessary support. Uploaded question paper blueprints and sample questions would help familiarize the students with the exam pattern. Candidates would also get access to digital courses in an interactive learning environment. Additionally, online self-proctored practice tests would aid in measuring preparedness with analytics on time-management,strengths, improvement areas, and behavioural traits. This would assist candidates to prepare according to the specific requirements of the corporates and be job ready at the time of hiring. Spotting the right talent is a Herculean task, which involves careful planning and execution. However, by digitizing the complex steps of the selection process, recruiters can streamline their energies and efforts in the best possible way while saving on both money and time.

                                                                  -J Ramkumar, Product Delivery Manager, TCS iON

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