Kazi Nazrul University has been founded with a vision to function efficiently as a university
encouraging and providing instruction, teaching, training and research in various branches of
learning and courses of study. Located in West Bengal, it has 20 affiliated colleges.

Customer Overview

  • Complex and time-consuming paper-based data collection processes.
  • Difficulty in data reconciliation from its 20 affiliated colleges.
  • Data duplication and data confidentiality issues in manual data collection.
  • Delay in the collection of the data and subsequent cascading delays in all other activities.

Solution Delivered

  • Implemented TCS iON Digital Exams to digitize end-to-end exam management process from candidate enrollment, exam planning to results processing and publishing.
  • Online registration and capturing of marks for all exams of the students from affiliated colleges.
  • Implemented TCS iON Digital Campus for complete digitization of student and employee management life cycle.
  • Implementing Human Resource, Payroll, Finance and Accounting modules to automate university administrative services.
  • Integrated solution with streamlined data collection process across colleges, facilitating single source of data.

Value Added

  • Elimination of data related errors.
  • Increased transparency and faster data collection processes.
  • Effort, cost and paper savings with online processes.

Customer Testimonial

With TCS iON Digital University solution we leveraged technology to bring greater access and
transparency across 20 affiliated colleges. Digitizing the campus and exam activities has saved both time and efforts of the staff. Data related errors have been eliminated with single source of data collection process across colleges.

– Dr. Sougata Chakrabarti, Finance Officer, Kazi Nazrul University

For more details, visit us at www.tcsion.com


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