Preparing for the future – TCS Innovation Forum 2019

The TCS Innovation Forum is a highly anticipated event in the world’s business calendar. The 2019 edition was no exception, and was hosted in London and New York City. The theme in both these sessions was innovation and disruption of traditional methods of doing business with the help of technology. The sessions were attended by thought leaders, futurists, and various leaders across multiple domains. Among them was Mr. Venguswamy Ramaswamy, Global Head, TCS iON. In his talk, he highlighted the need to reimagine the current education ecosystem, in order to better prepare future generations to face a world that’s constantly re-innovating itself. He believes that the only way to do that is by creating a unique blend of physical assets and digital solutions. Read on.

THE FUTURE OF EDUCATION IS ‘PHYGITAL’: Venguswamy Ramaswamy, SVP and Global Head – TCS iON

Change in education has historically been slow and adoption of Massive Open Online courses has been poor. A combination of cultural factors and resistance from traditional educational establishments with vested interests have slowed adoption of new education models. However, there is significant adoption in areas that combine physical and digital approaches (“Phygital”) and there are a number of success stories emerging. The question is whether the “Phygital” model is just an add-on to our current education model or if it transforms into the future model?

Some believe that “Phygital” providers are well placed to completely disrupt the market and become the future of education. In the new world of work, “Phygital” is better placed for enabling life-long learning, as job and skill requirements change rapidly. Others believe that “Phygital” is just another education channel: people will always want brand and personal touch of a leading education establishment. Many universities and schools already supplement traditional teaching with technology, so many are well placed to adapt and survive. Participants in this session however overwhelmingly believe that education is about to be profoundly disrupted by the “Phygital” model. The consensus was although some traditional education establishments will adapt and remain relevant, MOST will fail.


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