DIMENSiON April 2019 | Learning

TCS iON Digital Learning

Direct social media sharing of TCS iON Digital Learning posts is now enabled

  • Feature: Introducing enablers sharing with Social media
  • Description: Now, you can share the iDL posts with social media. To enable this functionality, you must configure the share level of the post to “Open to All”.

You can share the posts with following platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Google Bookmarks and LinkedIn.

You can also copy the social link to clipboard and use the same on other platforms to display the iDL posts.

After sharing, the blogpost content displays the content and the image (if present) in the description while for other enablers, only title displays in the social media platform along with a message to login to view the complete post.

  • Key benefits: Share TCS iON Digital Learning Post with social media.

Presenting TinCan for secure and reliable Data

  • Feature: Introducing TinCan in courses
  • Description: Earlier, only SCORM was supported in course. Now, A new feature is introduced which allows you to upload the TinCan package as content.

The TinCan content works like a SCORM which is secure by default and has richer data.

TinCan is an open source API which adds some needed extra functionality to SCORM and lifts many restrictions of the older specifications. All the options of content creation in iDL are similar to SCORM package content.

  • Key benefits:
  • TinCan provides simplicity, extra security measures, and the ability to run the courses.
  • Supports better for offline and mobile learning with more detailed reports, when used outside the LMS.

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