DIMENSiON June 2019 | Business Process Education

TCS iON Digital Campus

Run multiple batches within the same academic year is now easier

Feature: Introducing Shift Concept in Academic Batch Creation

Description: Introducing a new field Shift in Academic Batch. Earlier there was a restriction in the System to create multiple batches for one “Academic Year-Site-Program”. Now, you can create more than one batch for a combination of Academic Year-Site-Program using the Shift field.

These Batches are created as Academic Year-Site-Program-Shift 1, Academic Year-Site-Program-Shift 2, Academic Year-Site-Program-Shift 3 and so on as per the requirement. The Shift field is available at the Program Master where you can define number of shifts as per the number of batches are required to create for Academic Year-Site-Program.The Shift field is a multi-select drop down at the Program screen. By default, No Shift is pre-selected at the Program Master.The Shift field is present in Generate Batch screen and Manage Batch screen as well.

Key benefits:

Granularity/Scope of a Batch has changed to Academic Year-Program-Site-Shift.Run multiple Batches within the same Academic Year with no system constraint.

Simpler way to create program in bulk

Feature: Introducing Program Creation in bulk from Award screen

Description: Now, you can create program in bulk from Award screen using a newly added functionality. The Award creation screen contains all required fields for program creation.

A button Create Program in Bulk is provided to generate programs with just Program names to be entered and add more programs as well by simply using Add Row button.Edit Program level information through Program Update Template.Update Program Semester level information through Program Semester Update Template.

Key benefits:

Program creation is not a separate action anymore.Create programs in bulk from the Award screen at once.

TCS iON Digital Marking

Maintaining the consistency and quality of marker’s performance

Feature: Percentage configuration to select answer scripts of individual markers for review is configurable

Description: Now, you can select specified percentage of submitted answer scripts by each marker for review on daily basis. These answer scripts appear highlighted in the reviewer’s console.

Key benefits: Ensures all markers’ performance are monitored with consistency and quality across the marking.


Quick access to share short links on social media

Feature: Introducing Social Media Integration in TCS iON URLS.

Description: In this release, TCS iON URLS provides Social Media sharing capability. With this feature, you can share links across platforms for marketing and social networking.

Key benefits: Quick access to share short links on social media.

Highlights of the month –

Feature: Introducing Course Batch Creation in Bulk by using Exam Session

Description: Introducing a new use case for Course Batch Creation with integration between iON Digital Campus (Exam and Grading) and iON Digital Learning.

Now, you can create Course Batches through Digital Campus based on the defined Capture Type (Group Wise, Class Wise or Batch Session Wise).

Key benefits: Create Course Batches in Bulk for a Group, Class or Batch Session.Students can be enrolled to the corresponding Course Batches as per the Enrollment present in TCS iON Digital Campus.

Feature: Introducing Academic Template Creation in Bulk from Start Academic Year screen.

Description: A new radio button “Bulk Academic Template Creation” is added under Start Academic Year screen. With the help of this, you can search template or generate templates in bulk from Start an Academic Year screen by selecting Academic Year, Award, Program, Shift and Academic Template created as Yes or No.

Key benefits: Create academic templates in bulk from the Start an Academic Year screen, at once.In Search listing of Academic Template, you can view the records in the combination of Award, Program, Study Group, Regulation Master, Academic Template code and Template Creation Status.

Feature: Introducing option to add Subject post Approval at Curriculum Definition

Description: Earlier, in system, at Curriculum Definition, once the configuration was approved using Is Approved check box present in Other Configuration Mapping screen, the Subject and Exam configuration were non-editable further and Subject could not be added to respective configuration.

Now, you can add Subject post approval.

Note: Single subject addition is allowed at a time.

Key benefits:Granularity/Scope of Addition of subject is allowed after approval as well.Sync subject to Academic Template as well.

Feature: Introducing a new Dashboard to Verify Exam Configuration

Description: A new dashboard is provided to verify Exam and Grading Configuration, where you can verify the configuration at the below mentioned level.

Award Level.Award Session Level.Award Session Exam Type Setting.Program Level.Program Session Level.Report Card Configuration.

Note: This dashboard is used for internal verification only.

Key benefits: Verified configuration at all Award, Program and Report Card level at once.

Feature: Introducing Automatic Exam Scheduling

Description: A new feature Automatic Exam Scheduling is added. With this feature, you can generate exam schedule automatically based on set configuration.

Now, the system reads basic configuration such as date range for exam, applicable shifts, common subjects, applicable rooms for defined scope of Exam Session and so on.

Key benefits: Proper Optimization of Resources.Reduces Manual Effort for entering data for Subject and Student Site.Reduces occurrences of errors while creating manual exam schedule such as Multiple Exam for a student on same Date and Shift.

Feature: Introducing a new screen Resolve Capture Score Discrepancies.

Description: A new screen Resolving Capture Discrepancies Cases is added to resolve the Capture Score discrepancies.

Here, you can resolve discrepancies for two types of records:

  • Already Captured in Capture Score.
  • Duplicate Records in Raw Capture Score.
  • Key benefits:
    • Resolve discrepancy record from Resolving Capture Discrepancies Cases screen.Reduces the error occurrence by displaying applicable records at a time to resolve the discrepancies.

Feature: Question to audio response mapping

Description: Now, you can tag question to response. With this feature, the marker can navigate to a particular response by clicking on the corresponding question.

Key benefits: Ensures that the marker marks audio response correctly and eliminates scope for any confusion

Feature: Marker to mark a particular question’s response as missing in case of unavailability of the audio file.

Description: Now, the marker can set the flag as Audio file missing for the questions with no responses, by clicking on a checkbox that appears on selecting that question

Key benefits: The flag appears highlighted in the reports generated post result processing which helps to identify the missing responses, conveniently.

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