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Top 10 Questions on Corporate E-learning that worry CXOs

Corporate Learning is a top priority for organizations. Nearly 25% of employees leave an organization because there aren’t enough learning opportunities [1]. Organizations across the world have started embracing e-learning as it is not just effective but also a cost-efficient way to retain talent and make firms competitive. Data from some of the recent reports highlight the following benefits of e-learning for organizations [1,2,3,4].


Despite the potential and growth of Corporate e-learning, only 40% of CXOs are confident that the money they are spending will achieve the intended results [4]. Clearly, something is amiss.

Based on our interactions with CXOs, we are listing the Top 10 questions that they need to ask while creating an effective e-learning strategy.

1. Does my workforce have access to high quality and engaging content?
2. Am I currently paying a premium to build/ buy new content?
3. How do we cost-efficiently maintain and upgrade content to latest market trends/ regulations?
4. Are my content and technology partners operating in silos, increasing my overhead cost?
5. How are we adopting the industry’s best practices without trying to re-invent the wheel?
6. Is my corporate LMS lagging behind the latest trends in digital, social, and mobile learning?
7. Do disparate internal systems limit my organization’s ability to track learning effectiveness?
8. Does our current learning analytics provide me with actionable insights?
9. How can I reduce drop-out rates and create a ‘pull’ for corporate e-learning programs?
10. Do I have a social learning strategy to democratize learning and make every employee a subject matter expert?

Organizations today are at varying levels of maturity in their e-learning journey. On the supply side, the market is hyper-competitive, with more than 650 vendors offering various technologies and services to corporates. Given the rapid changes in technology, regulation, and business landscape, it is becoming hard for Corporates to remain agile and make the right strategic choices.

Will corporate CXOs be able to cut through the noise, build the right focus and support in their organization to make e-learning a competitive differentiator? What are the challenges organizations could face in adopting e-learning? Do write to us to know more about the TCS Learning Transformation story enabled through Technology.

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