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DIMENSiON June 2019 | Business Process Education

TCS iON Digital Campus

Run multiple batches within the same academic year is now easier

Feature: Introducing Shift Concept in Academic Batch Creation

Description: Introducing a new field Shift in Academic Batch. Earlier there was a restriction in the System to create multiple batches for one “Academic Year-Site-Program”. Now, you can create more than one batch for a combination of Academic Year-Site-Program using the Shift field.

These Batches are created as Academic Year-Site-Program-Shift 1, Academic Year-Site-Program-Shift 2, Academic Year-Site-Program-Shift 3 and so on as per the requirement. The Shift field is available at the Program Master where you can define number of shifts as per the number of batches are required to create for Academic Year-Site-Program.The Shift field is a multi-select drop down at the Program screen. By default, No Shift is pre-selected at the Program Master.The Shift field is present in Generate Batch screen and Manage Batch screen as well.

Key benefits:

Granularity/Scope of a Batch has changed to Academic Year-Program-Site-Shift.Run multiple Batches within the same Academic Year with no system constraint.

Simpler way to create program in bulk

Feature: Introducing Program Creation in bulk from Award screen

Description: Now, you can create program in bulk from Award screen using a newly added functionality. The Award creation screen contains all required fields for program creation.

A button Create Program in Bulk is provided to generate programs with just Program names to be entered and add more programs as well by simply using Add Row button.Edit Program level information through Program Update Template.Update Program Semester level information through Program Semester Update Template.

Key benefits:

Program creation is not a separate action anymore.Create programs in bulk from the Award screen at once.

TCS iON Digital Marking

Maintaining the consistency and quality of marker’s performance

Feature: Percentage configuration to select answer scripts of individual markers for review is configurable

Description: Now, you can select specified percentage of submitted answer scripts by each marker for review on daily basis. These answer scripts appear highlighted in the reviewer’s console.

Key benefits: Ensures all markers’ performance are monitored with consistency and quality across the marking.


Quick access to share short links on social media

Feature: Introducing Social Media Integration in TCS iON URLS.

Description: In this release, TCS iON URLS provides Social Media sharing capability. With this feature, you can share links across platforms for marketing and social networking.

Key benefits: Quick access to share short links on social media.

Highlights of the month –

Feature: Introducing Course Batch Creation in Bulk by using Exam Session

Description: Introducing a new use case for Course Batch Creation with integration between iON Digital Campus (Exam and Grading) and iON Digital Learning.

Now, you can create Course Batches through Digital Campus based on the defined Capture Type (Group Wise, Class Wise or Batch Session Wise).

Key benefits: Create Course Batches in Bulk for a Group, Class or Batch Session.Students can be enrolled to the corresponding Course Batches as per the Enrollment present in TCS iON Digital Campus.

Feature: Introducing Academic Template Creation in Bulk from Start Academic Year screen.

Description: A new radio button “Bulk Academic Template Creation” is added under Start Academic Year screen. With the help of this, you can search template or generate templates in bulk from Start an Academic Year screen by selecting Academic Year, Award, Program, Shift and Academic Template created as Yes or No.

Key benefits: Create academic templates in bulk from the Start an Academic Year screen, at once.In Search listing of Academic Template, you can view the records in the combination of Award, Program, Study Group, Regulation Master, Academic Template code and Template Creation Status.

Feature: Introducing option to add Subject post Approval at Curriculum Definition

Description: Earlier, in system, at Curriculum Definition, once the configuration was approved using Is Approved check box present in Other Configuration Mapping screen, the Subject and Exam configuration were non-editable further and Subject could not be added to respective configuration.

Now, you can add Subject post approval.

Note: Single subject addition is allowed at a time.

Key benefits:Granularity/Scope of Addition of subject is allowed after approval as well.Sync subject to Academic Template as well.

Feature: Introducing a new Dashboard to Verify Exam Configuration

Description: A new dashboard is provided to verify Exam and Grading Configuration, where you can verify the configuration at the below mentioned level.

Award Level.Award Session Level.Award Session Exam Type Setting.Program Level.Program Session Level.Report Card Configuration.

Note: This dashboard is used for internal verification only.

Key benefits: Verified configuration at all Award, Program and Report Card level at once.

Feature: Introducing Automatic Exam Scheduling

Description: A new feature Automatic Exam Scheduling is added. With this feature, you can generate exam schedule automatically based on set configuration.

Now, the system reads basic configuration such as date range for exam, applicable shifts, common subjects, applicable rooms for defined scope of Exam Session and so on.

Key benefits: Proper Optimization of Resources.Reduces Manual Effort for entering data for Subject and Student Site.Reduces occurrences of errors while creating manual exam schedule such as Multiple Exam for a student on same Date and Shift.

Feature: Introducing a new screen Resolve Capture Score Discrepancies.

Description: A new screen Resolving Capture Discrepancies Cases is added to resolve the Capture Score discrepancies.

Here, you can resolve discrepancies for two types of records:

  • Already Captured in Capture Score.
  • Duplicate Records in Raw Capture Score.
  • Key benefits:
    • Resolve discrepancy record from Resolving Capture Discrepancies Cases screen.Reduces the error occurrence by displaying applicable records at a time to resolve the discrepancies.

Feature: Question to audio response mapping

Description: Now, you can tag question to response. With this feature, the marker can navigate to a particular response by clicking on the corresponding question.

Key benefits: Ensures that the marker marks audio response correctly and eliminates scope for any confusion

Feature: Marker to mark a particular question’s response as missing in case of unavailability of the audio file.

Description: Now, the marker can set the flag as Audio file missing for the questions with no responses, by clicking on a checkbox that appears on selecting that question

Key benefits: The flag appears highlighted in the reports generated post result processing which helps to identify the missing responses, conveniently.

DIMENSiON April 2019 | Business Process – Education

TCS iON Digital Campus

Provides better filtered and customized lead data

  • Features:
    • Customized Lead Search includes App Sequence Number, Payment Mode and Payment Status wise search.
    • New fields are added in the search listing.
    • Customized Lead Registration form.
    • Lead data download from Lead Search screen.
    • Option to print the application form.
    • Third party data integration web service for Shiksha, AU web and Google.
    • Auto map counsellors at Course level.
    • Capture fee status in offline mode for course wise payment flow.
    • Customized changes in Reports and Communication.
    • Lead Registration confirmation Email content change.
    • Knowlarity Call API Integration.
    • Customized counsellor/agency admin email format. The e-mails are triggered when a new lead registers.
    • Change in mandatory fields for Create Lead screen.
    • Added a new metadata as Category in the form to get the candidate category as GN, OBC etc.
    • Removed Admission Details section from Lead form. Divided the Parents details into two parts – Father Details and Mother details
    • Added new fields board/University to capture as mandatory fields in the Qualification details. Added a new check box as Result Awaited.
    • New Print Layout for Lead Page added.
  • Description: The above new features allow you to custom filter in Lead Search, download lead excel, customize the registration page and print the application form. It also enables you to perform a third party API Integration for Lead Registration. You can follow-up for the lead by using the new feature added as Knowlarity Call Integration.
  • Key benefits: You can search the Lead Data with more filter, create the Lead from the Web Service and print the application form as well.

TCS iON Digital Survey

Now create surveys with versatile features

  • Feature: UI Revamp of Add/Edit Question screens.
  • Description: UI of Add/Edit screens in the survey configuration part have been revamped to accommodate different Question and Option attributes.
  • Key Benefits:
    • User friendly Survey configuration.
    • New Question and Option attributes enable the customer to create surveys with versatile features.

Create dynamic surveys easily

  • Feature: Introducing new logics and add-on changes in the existing logics for creating the survey.
  • Description: New logic concepts such as Piping and Looping are available in the logic configuration panel. Through piping logic we can mask the answered/unanswered option to be used in the consecutive questions which will enable the customer to have dynamic surveys.
  • In Looping logic, Customer can have the choice to loop a particular question to another question which can lead to have the surveys in a more feedback specific manner. Already existing logics like “Exit Survey” and “Option related Logics” have been revamped with new add-on features.
  • Key Benefits:
    • Helps the customer to create dynamic surveys. 
    • Provisions user specific survey configuration with these logics.


Simplifying customer visitation process

  • Feature: Introducing Visitation Configuration in the framework.
  • Description: Here, you can configure any request in the visitation process through the system and the visitors are allocated for the same based on the customer-specific validations.
  • Key Benefits:
    • Ease of visitor allotment.
    • Specific for Visitation Process.
    • Apply and configure the validations as per the customer requirement.

TCS iON Digital Learning

Direct social media sharing of TCS iON Digital Learning posts is now enabled

  • Feature: IntroducingPost sharing with social media
  • Description: Now, you can share the iDL posts with social media. To enable this functionality, the share level of post must be configured as ‘Open to All’.

The sharing option is displayed for the platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Google Bookmarks and LinkedIn. You can also copy the social link to the clipboard and use the same on other platforms to display the iDL posts.

After sharing, the blogpost content displays the content and image(if present) in the description while for other enablers, only the title displays in the social media platform along with a message to login to view the complete post.

  • Key benefits: Share iDL posts with social media.

Highlights of the month –

  • Introducing Visitation Configuration in the framework.
  • Description: Here, you can configure any request in the visitation process through the system and the visitors are allocated for the same based on the customer-specific validations.
  • Key Benefits:
    • Ease of visitor allotment.
    • Specific for Visitation Process.
    • Apply and configure the validations as per the customer requirement.
  • Introducing Notification Configuration in the system.
  • Description: Now, you can configure the message and mail body in the framework to send the notifications on different actions namely: on assigning a user to request, on form approval, rejection and raise NC, etc.
  • Key Benefits: Notification content and trigger notification is now configurable from the front end.
  • Introducing Role Tab Mapping.
  • Description: Now, you can perform the Role to tab mapping from the framework to provide access permission for different tabs to different user roles.
  • Key Benefits:
    • Role-based access permission for each tab.
    • Improves access level privacy for each role.
    • The categorization of role-based Framework features.
  • Introducing Provisional Affiliation Action in the system.
  • Description: A new action as Approval Requests is added for Provisional Affiliation in the Affiliation, allows you to revert the workflow for the respective request on non-applicant end and it also lets you to perform the actions on provision affiliation custom hook.
  • Key Benefits: Perform Provisional Affiliation.
  • Introducing new search filters in View All Requests Tab.
  • Description: Now, you can view the Active and the Provisional status as well.
  • Key Benefits: Wide-range of fields for search.
  • Introducing enhancements in Affiliation Approval Requests tab.
  • Description: Now, You can customize the actions in this tab for each request such as; Affiliate, Reject, Provisional Affiliate. This feature increases the customer specific names for the action buttons and includes new actions as per the customer requirement as well.
  • Key Benefits:
    • Customize buttons,
    • Customize actions on different buttons, consolidated screens for request approval, rejection, etc.

Placement BizApp

  • Introducing Placement BizApp’ first phase release.
  • Description: In this release, BizApp is provisioned in two modes: Standalone and IDC Integrated. The key features covered in this release are,
  • Master Data Creation (Student, Roles, User, Course/Academic Master, Company, Drive, Eligibility Rule, Event, Notification Master),
    •  Admin/TPO Placement Activity Privileges (Sending invite to eligible students, Approving/Rejecting the placement request raised by the student, updating the student selection status and uploading the offer letter),
    • Student Dashboard Actions (Raise placement requests, Accept placement invites, view upcoming drives, view scheduled events, track my workflow, download the offer letter generated),
    • Company Dashboard Actions (View the eligible students, upload offer letter for selected students).
  • Key Benefits: The release covers major activities starting from capturing student data to creating drives and finally student being selected and then generate offer for the company.
  • Introducing customized parameters for Axis payment gateway.
  • For example, customer requirement for SANSKARDHAM.
  • Description: Here, the two parameters are added for Site wise collection of Fee through the PG specific to Sanskardham, in different accounts such that, for one site amount gets collected in one account and for other, the amount gets collected in the other account.
  • Key benefits:  This enables payment gateway wise different site to account mapping.
  • Introducing Learning Dashboard for employees, in iLearn
  • Description: The Learning Dashboard for employees in ilearn provides the graphical representation of learning details of the employees. It includes badges along with activity status and learning level. The activity status based on usage is displayed. For example, for the current month activity, the learning level is based on the learning points earned by the employee’s standing in organisation.
  • Key benefits: 
  • Employees can view at a glance where they stand in terms of learning.
  • Informative and organised UI.

Introducing new option in iLearn – approval required courses.

  • Description:  Approval ‘workflow’ for enrolment in a course.
  • Key benefits:
  • A useful feature in the organization, if the management wants some courses open for enrolment only post approval by supervisors in workflow.
  • Product stamp on such courses will help to inform users to differentiate such courses.

HRMS Solution

Upload supporting documents against each goal

  • Description:  Introducing provision to upload document option against each goal to support the comments. This cannot be done from templates end. Hence, against each goal in self-evaluation screen of talent management, there will be a provision to upload supporting documents.
  • Key benefits: 

A useful feature for appraises/employees to support their claim against each goal during self-evaluation stage by uploading supportive documents in any format. For example: appreciation mails, certifications etc.                                

Photo upload access to site admin

  • Description: Introducing the photo upload access to the site admin so that he can upload the photos of the employees reporting to him.  To avail this functionality, a flag (Allow Site Admin to upload Employee Photo) needs to be checked in Org-Setup → Global Parameters and the site admin should be tagged to a supervisor user group.
  • Key benefits: 

This feature overcomes the admin’s difficulty of uploading employees’ photo on their behalf.

Generation of Online Requisition number pop-up

  • Description: In Employee Movement module, online requisition number pop up has been added after the final level approval of separation application (if the user checks the flag of raise replacement requisition in Manage Separation application screen).
  • Key benefits: 

This feature helps the user in keeping track of the new online requisitions raised.

TCS iON Digital Survey

  • Introducing Ranking Question type
  • Description: With this release, a new question type Ranking, is available in Add/Edit Question screen. Here, respondents can rank the options configured based on their priority.
  • Key Benefit: Respondent can rank the answer options based on preferences for Ranking type of questions.
  • Introducing Option display attributes
  • Description: A new attribute Answer Option Display is available in the Add/Edit question screen. With this attribute, you can configure the order of options displayed in the end survey using the functionalities Flip, Rotate, Randomization and Alphabetically.
  • Key Benefit: Provision to configure the order of options being displayed in the end survey.
  • Introducing Question Importance
  • Description: A new feature Question Importance is available in the survey configuration. While creating the survey you can configure the set of question importance which will appear, in end-user survey, as a drop down next to the question text. Respondents can rate each question according to their priority by choosing importance from this set.
  • Key Benefit: Survey respondent priority for each question can be captured and user for analytics
  • Introducing Discard User Response
  • Description: Survey Analyst can mark any survey response discard or Non discard as per parameters configured for survey analysis.
  • Key Benefit: Extra responses can be removed for survey analysis.

Cloud Computing- Data On Your Fingertips

Computing Power To Stay One Step Ahead

“Sharing is Caring”- and cloud computing is the perfect example of this. When it comes to the IT world, the most common topic of discussion in recent times is cloud computing. Cloud computing has created a wave of progress like no other.

What is Cloud Computing?

In simple terms, cloud computing refers to massive data storage and distribution without a single user intervention. It can also be described as online data centres which are made available to multiple users to store and access data on demand.

The largest cloud in the public domain is Amazon AWS which was launched in 2006. The humongous system provides companies, individuals and even governments a space on their cloud to manage and run operations.

Software professionals are looking to make the most of this technology because as per market trends and the world becoming a smaller place, cloud computing seems to be most coveted profession of the future.

Advantages of Considering a Career in Cloud Computing

Given the growing popularity of the field, cloud computing is fast becoming a profession to reckon with. Some of the reasons for you to consider cloud computing as a serious career option are:

  • Demand for computing professionals is on the rise

Corporates are looking for professionals who have mastered this new technology to further advance their company goals. Organizations nowadays need strong cloud support to ensure the smooth functioning of their hardware and software. A cloud computing certification bolsters your resume and proves to the company that you’re the right candidate for them. It is a technology that is here to stay, so a certification will give you an edge over others.

  • Computing professional enjoy a handsome pay

Since this is a relatively new technology, professionals in the market are emerging. This raises the demand for certified cloud computing professionals and increases your bargaining power as well. It also gives you the chance to choose from a list of favourite companies. Given that it is still a niche field professionals with a valid certification are handsomely recompensed.

  • Job Security

Cloud computing aims to maintain and sustain massive amounts of data. A certification proves your credibility with your employer and helps you cement your position in the organization. Another reason for this to be a secure field is that it is not affected by market conditions. Cloud computing is independent of volatility and serves as a long term and fruitful profession.

Cloud computing has transformed the way businesses operate. From multi nationals to start ups all employ some form of cloud computing to further their business. If you’re looking for a career that will keep you in demand and allow the freedom of choice, then this is the way to go.

Before you decide to take the plunge, consider all options to enhance your resume so that prospective employees can bank on your expertise. One such certification that can give you the much needed impetus is TCS iON ProCertCloud Computing.

This certification helps your gauge your proficiency and provides inputs to improve your skill set. An added bonus is that it gives you the chance to connect with global corporates who are on the lookout to hire certified professionals. Opt for a recognized Cloud Computing certification today and watch your career soar!

Visit for more details.

Fresher Skills Meet Corporate Expectations

Understanding the requirements of the New Age Employer

A degree is a stepping stone to bigger and better opportunities. However, experienced professionals will tell you that, while a degree opens up various doors, the only way to seal the deal is to develop some essential soft skills to enhance your profile.

Corporates are always on the lookout for well-rounded and informed candidates who can push their brand in the right direction. Here are some basic skills that one needs to hone before applying for that dream job.

  • Communication Skills

Perhaps one of the most essential tools, communication and appropriate expression of thought can make all the difference. Employers expect prospective candidates to be articulate and express their thoughts with clarity and precision. Apart from the actual interview, mailing skills also play an important part in gauging professionality.

  • Learning Aptitude

Adaptability is the key to steady growth. Even though the fundamentals of a job might not change, the processes, systems and products might be upgraded over time. An employee who can shed outdated methods and adapt to new processes effectively is more likely to be considered for bigger opportunities.

  • Out of the Box Thinking

Innovation drives a business. The new ideas you bring to the table define you as a follower or a leader. Check the company website, social media feeds, and news articles about the company which will enable you to give relevant and creative answers during the interview. Hiring managers are always inclined towards candidates who can bring fresh ideas to their organization.

  • Domain Knowledge

It goes without saying that domain proficiency is one of the basic qualifiers for a candidate to be considered for a job. For an extra edge, read up on the current trends in your domain and update your understanding of the subject. This shows that you’re good with research and always looking to improve yourself.

  • Teamwork / Collaboration

“Teamwork makes the dream work.” Unless employees cooperate and work together in harmony, the company cannot function smoothly. Corporations are made up of various teams who work towards a common goal. Being a team player with a zest for collaborative insights is considered a strong strength by prospective employers.

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Are you up for a challenge? Will you quit at the first sign of trouble? Interviewers tend to throw hypothetical challenges to gauge your problem solving skills. Candidates who can come up with professional solutions exude more confidence and show character which puts them in the running for the position.

  • Attention to detail

Small gestures go a long way. Did you reply to the hiring manager’s mail confirming the time of the interview? Were you on time for the interview with the documents you were asked to produce? Candidates who show earnestness and a natural flair for minute details are a dream to work with. This puts employers at ease because they know you’re reliable, punctual and a stickler for rules.

  • Leadership Quality

A good manager is someone who pushes for team growth and progress. Did you lead an event or fest in college? Be sure to mention this fact in your resume and highlight it in the interview especially if the event you headed was a success. Employers look for candidates who show a natural potential to be a future manager.

  • Digital Knowhow

Most jobs will now list a set of computer applications or programs they expect the candidate to be aware of. Even if the use of the application does not directly affect your day to day working, it is advisable to be adept with basic skills. Apart from boosting your resume, you could also make suggestions to speed up current processes with the help of relevant computer applications.

  • Professionalism / Work Ethic

A critical commandment for an employer is choosing a candidate who displays ethical judgement and a strong sense of integrity. Long term associations can be formed only if you build trust with your managers. Your reaction to difficult situations and owning up to your errors goes to show that you are sincere and just.

Now that you know the requirements, how do you gain an impetus to crack that job interview? TCS iON Common Corporate Qualifier Test (CCQT) is one such distinctive program which partners with prominent corporates to conduct assessments based on a variety of parameters. Successful candidates gain an advantage and stand the chance to be hired by the partner corporate. Get ready to win the race and land your dream job.

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Are schools producing the Nation Builders of Tomorrow?

equp students to face real worl challenges with 21st Century Skills

How critical is the need for 21st Century Skills in the school curriculum to equip students for real-world challenges? 

Transforming Education for the Rapidly-Changing Digital World

The digitally advanced world has rendered over 94 per cent of the engineering students unfit for hiring. Only about 5 per cent of the country’s workforce is said to have had formal skill training, while around 31 million people are unemployed. It is thus evident that there is a widening gap between the course structure in the school and the life skills needed for the real world.

With the education system, still focused on exam survival, and plagued with disconnected facts and teaching disparate, there is little or no scope for developing non-academic competencies required for the 21st Century. Problem-based learning which presents students with the opportunity to collaborate and solve authentic problems is missing.It is almost shocking how few young, educated individuals know how to do the basic tasks of filling examination forms, applying for educational loan facilities, handling banking processes, writing official letters, or simply facing interviews.

As learning on the job is now an obsolete concept, applicants need to have an in-depth understanding of the role they are applying for.Institutions, therefore, need to adopt an evolved approach to prepare students for facing multifaceted challenging environments.

Skills and Knowledge Go Hand in Hand

The intensively competitive and evolved work space requires students to be able to match the new expectations. Re-designing the school curriculum and the classroom strategies is thus crucial to prepare them for the needs of the modern world at an early age. These modifications include the introduction of 21st Century skills such as Super Skills of Creativity and Innovation,Critical Thinking and Reasoning, Communication Skills, Collaboration and Compassion, Financial Literacy, Reading Skills, Ethics, Values &Life Skills, and Health, Hygiene and Fitness, into the program of study. 

These skills would present students with the opportunity to enhance their academic learning in a more systematic and informed manner so that they are ready to tackle societal challenges in relevant social issues. Also, they would prevent them from having any unrealistic expectations and aid them in exploring meaningful job opportunities.

How Do We Ensure That Our Children Are Future Ready?

Not much can be achieved if the dedication in altering the curriculum is not supported with a similarly evolved assessment procedure to test students on their subject depth. Multiple rounds of evaluations spread over the school, city and national level, employing OMR based and computer-based tests can help in preparing students better for the challenges of tomorrow. The contest with these timed tests would focus on 21st Century skills and in developing early entrepreneurship. They would encourage children to showcase their super skills in solving complex problems and measure their thinking ability against their peers.

These tests can be divided into the junior section, for students of grade 6 to grade 8, and the senior section, for students of grades 9 and 10, for all the State, Central, and International 

School Board students. The results can be published online along with downloadable digital participation certificates. By testing each student on the grade level content, these contests would help develop an understanding and appreciation for creativity, innovation and socially significant topics for the 21st Century.

While schools focus on the academic subjects, similar importance needs to be given to these skills and topics that enrich academic learning. Only a balanced approach between the two can assist students in qualifying as the Nation Builders of Tomorrow.

We look forward to your comments and encourage you to contact us if you would like to discuss more.

To know about TCS iON Life Long Learning Initiative for students, visit us at .

Best Regards,

Renuka Vadhyar

Product Head


DIMENSiON October 2018 | Business Process – Education

Dimension Blog image


Faster way to generate Form 16 from multiple sites

Feature: Changes in Form 16 format as per statutory requirement

Description: Earlier, the Form 16 Part A displayed the name and designation of the employee. Now you can view the employee number, name and address of the employee.

The changes are as follows:

  • Employee number is printed on the top left part of the form
  • Address availability is checked in the following sequence:
  1. Permanent Address
  2. Present Address
  3. Residential Address
  4. Home Address
  5. Office Address

If all the address fields are blank then the address field is kept as blank.

Additionally, you can also generate Form 16 from multiple sites.

Key benefits: Statutory compliance adhere to and faster generation of Form 16 for multiple sites

Analyze data with new Organizational Reports

Feature: Two new ODRs – Adhoc Payment and recovery and House Rent Details are now available.

Description: New ODRs have added in the last release

  • Adhoc Payment and recovery – Details related to advance recovery/arrears payments to a particular employee in the organisation.
  • House Rent Allowance – Details of HRA deductions done for the particular employee in the organisation.

Key benefits: Organisation can now create their own reports to analyse data of these two entities as per business requirement.


Highlights of the month

Feature: DSS enabled in two modules – Adhoc Payment and recovery and HRA Application

Description: DSS has been enabled in two modules with the following rules :

  • In Adhoc payments/recoveries, DSS button is provided to assist the approver for taking the decision on whether to approve the applications. The rule set is: If an employee, whose application was rejected twice in the past, the approver is warned of the failed status and requesting the admin to cross verify the data again.
  • On the HRA Application screen, approvers can now use the DSS option that helps them to take a decision to approve or reject an application based on past data of the employee. The DSS rule set is: If an employee defined HRA amount > 100,000 but did not provide Landlord PAN Number, DSS warns (fail status) the approver.

Another case is, if for any month employee has used company accommodation as well as has defined HRA Amount, DSS warns (fail status) the approver.

Key benefits: Speeds up the decision-making process, increases organizational control and Enables the automation of the managerial process.

Feature: Audit trail for Paycode rule configurator

Description: Now, the audit trail will be maintained for any changes done in Paycode rule configurator screen, recording the date and time, user detail to record who has made the change and values changed in specific configuration rule.

Key benefits: Audit Trail helps to record integrity and accuracy of data, system protection from misuse or harm, and security of sensitive or important information.

Feature: Enhancement in Payslip PCR and ODR

Description: If in case the organisation name changes during or at the beginning of the financial year, employees and admin can generate their previous payslips with the old organisation name.

Key benefits: Payslip for the pasted period can be generated with the correct organisation name for any statutory requirements.


DIMENSiON September 2018 | Business Process – Education

Dimension Blog image

TCS iON Digital Campus

Maintaining the bulk transactions are now simpler

Introducing a new Extract Transform Load(ETL) to populate lot numbers in enrollment Session Group Master(SGM)  wise facts with a limit of 500 Students for a particular lot. This ETL counts the number of students for every distinct SGM, Subject session master, site and study centre.

For example:-

There are 1150 students for SGM (Apr_May 2018), Subject session master (Semester 1), site ( site 1) and study centre ( study centre 1), then the lot is assigned in the following manner:-

  1. a) Lot number 2 is assigned to the first 500 students
  2. b) Lot number 3 is assigned to the next 500 students
  3. c) Lot number 4 is assigned to the remaining 150 students

Subsequently, for the same granularity if a new student gets enrolled, then lot 3 is assigned until the capacity reaches 500. If capacity surpasses 500 again, a new lot number 4 is created and assigned to the students.

Key benefits:

  • If the data set is heavy, then lot number concept is beneficial for the bulk transaction like regular/backlog processing, report card generation. Starting this release, requests are broken into the site, lot number which will make the overall transaction lighter.


Easy view on daily attendance for the students


We are introducing new UI of View Period wise Attendance for Mobile Application. This will provide better usability for a user by covering more use cases. 

Key benefits:

  • With the implementation of this feature, there won‘t be multiple use cases of Summary and Detailed view of Attendance.
  • Moreover, a New UI also covers more use cases such as Month wise Attendance of Subject or Subject-Activity.
  • Students will be able to view the daily attendance.
  • Better Usability and User-friendly with a guided flow.

Using the Feature:

A user can use this feature from the following path:

  • Go to the Admin Panel –> mTop –> User group Access Mapping à Assign use case of View Period wise Attendance.
  • The student will be able to view period wise attendance use cases from their mobile app.
  • It is only applicable for Students and Parents.
  • Please find the screenshot in next slide


TCS iON Digital Assessment

Know the time remaining for the login with timer alert

Feature: Enhancements in Candidate Console

Description: Following are the enhancements to the Candidate Console in addition to the existing capabilities.

  • Remaining Login Time Alert: A timer will be displayed on the login page to inform the candidates about the time remaining to login.
  • Registration Photo of Candidate: The candidate photograph taken during registration will also be displayed in the login screen of the candidate console, in addition to the photograph in the application.

Key benefits:

  • Displays remaining login time on Candidate Console.
  • Displays candidate registration photograph on Candidate Console.



Complete course easily on a mobile device

Feature: Introducing iLearn on Mobile

Description: Employees can access mTop to view or complete courses using the mobile phone.

Key benefits:

As people might migrate from computer to mobile devices since the face of the internet is changing, this will increase customer engagement.


HRMS solution

Tracking employees weekly off is now simpler

Description: Introducing provision for employees to now raise a request to change their Rest Day using a new screen called Raise Rest Day Change Application. While raising this request, an employee needs to select the Month and Date they wish to change their rest days. The system will show already tagged Rest days to them and they can select any day they wish to take the week off and submit the application. Upon submission, the application requires approval and once approved, the requested Rest days are tagged and updated for the mentioned dates. Until the application is finally approved or rejected, User will not be able to raise new application for the same dates.

Key benefits:

Employees can now choose and select any day they wish to take the week off. Making the lives easier for employees in the workforce.

Highlights of the month

Capture Score New UI


New UI is designed to Capture the Score screen. A dashboard view has been provided to the user to show the capture score status. A new use case of date extension of the overdue task is added, where a user can raise a request for date extension for overdue tasks. This UI is more informative and intuitive to the user. On the landing screen, there will be a dashboard with Pending Tasks, Completed Exams and Overdue Tasks and Capture Score Statistics section. In the Pending Task section, all the records that are not captured or partially captured are displayed and the user can select a record and capture. In Completed Exams, all the exams that are completed are displayed. In overdue tasks section, all the records for which capturing window is closed are listed and the user can request for accessing those records. Capture Score Statistic section shows the Award, Semester, Exam wise captured, not captured and partially captured status.

Key benefits:

  • A user will be notified with the capture score status(list of pending tasks, completed exams.)
  • The user will get the capture score statistics award, semester, and exam type wise completion status on the home screen.

Using the Feature:

Go to Digital Campus–>Exam and Grading–>Capture Regular/Backlog Marks (New UI)

Pending Task Section–>all the records that are not captured or partially captured are displayed and the user can select a record and capture.

Overdue Task Section–>all the exams for which capture window is closed.

Completed Exam Section–>all the records for which capturing window is closed are listed and the user can request for accessing those records.

Statistics Section–>shows the Award, Semester, Exam wise shortlisting, not captured and partially captured status.

Attendance Marking New UI


New UI has been designed for Attendance Marking in bulk screen. A dashboard view has been provided to the user to show the Attendance Marking status. A new use case of date extension of the overdue task is added where a user can raise a request for date extension for overdue tasks. This UI is more informative and intuitive to the user. On the landing screen there will be a dashboard with Today’s Exams, Pending Tasks, Completed Exams, Overdue Tasks and Capture Score Statistics section. In today’s exams section, all the exams that are going on today and attendance can be marked. In the Pending Task section, all the records for which the attendance is not marked or partially displayed, the user can select a record and mark the attendance. In overdue tasks section, all the records for which attendance marking window is closed are listed and the user can also request for accessing those records. Attendance Report section shows the completed, pending and overdue task status.

Key benefits:

  • The user will upfront get the Attendance marking status (list of pending tasks, overdue tasks)
  • The user will get the Attendance Report on the home screen which will show the percentage of records in completed, pending and overdue state.

Using the Feature:

  • Go to Digital Campus–>Exam and Grading–>Mark Absentee in Bulk (New UI).
  • Today’s Exam Section–>List all the exams which are going on today and attendance can be marked.
  • Pending Task Section–>all the records for which attendance is not marked or partially displayed and the user can select a record and mark attendance.
  • Overdue Task Section–>all the records for which attendance marking window is closed are listed and the user can also request for accessing those records.
  • Completed Exam Section–>all the exams which are completed are displayed
  • Attendance Report Section–>shows the completed, pending and overdue task status.

Biometric integration for Hostel Attendance


As per the customer’s Requirement, we have provided biometric integration with the Hostel Attendance. Whenever a student swipes his/her card at the door, the entries will move to the SIMS table first and the manual trigger done at TCS iON Digital Campus will bring the Attendance records from SIMS to TSC iON Digital Campus. A new screen with the name as “Hostel Attendance Sync” has been created for the manual trigger where the user has to hit on the Mark Attendance button after which Attendance will be marked in TCS iON Digital Campus against slots. In case if a student did not swipe or forget to swipe the card, then they can inform the hostel warden/ admin for marking his/her attendance manually via mTOP/Webtop. In a case, if Student has taken Hostel leave for two days and he has applied Hostel Leave in the System then his absent/present status will be marked as per the Leave type selected.

Key benefits:

  • This implementation will ease the process of Hostel Attendance marking.
  • The user will only have to click on the manual trigger, accordingly, attendance will be marked in TCS iON Digital Campus.

Using the feature:

  • A sheet with the detail has Hostel name along with the id will be provided to the user.
  • The user has to create Site with the Site code as” Hostel ID#HOS”, Hostel name under Site description and other details need to be filled in the SysAdmin.
  • Whenever Student Swipes his/her card at the door, the entries will move to the SIMS table first and the manual trigger done at TCS iON Digital Campus will bring the Attendance records from SIMS to TCS iON Digital Campus.
  • A new screen with the name as “Hostel Attendance Sync” is created for the manual trigger where the user has to click on the Mark Attendance button after which Attendance will be marked in TCS iON Digital Campus against slots.
  • In this user has to select the Hostel and the from and to date and click on Mark Attendance button
  • Users can be able to see the status of the process

Exit Feedback


As per the requirement, we have created a new type of feedback as “Exit Feedback“ where a feedback is to be taken only by Students at the end of the Semester.  Students can only be able to submit their response once in an entire academic semester. We have provided a column named as “ PO code” in the Question template where Program objectives are to be mapped at question level while creating Questions. PO code will be available in the glossary and is non-mandatory.

We have provided a column for mapping SGM at Window level. Also, multiple rows will be allowed for the creation of windows but the same SGM cannot be mapped at the different window. Feedback will be sent to all those students who cleared and are selected.

Key benefits:

  • This type of feedback can only be taken by students who cleared the academic course.
  • This type of feedback is taken for a program that is helpful in improving the Program for future batches.

Using the feature:

  • Go to Digital campus–> feedback
  • Click on design feedback, Create a Feedback for Type as Exit Feedback
  • After creating a feedback, the user has to map the PO against the Questions after downloading the Excel
  • Once the Questions are mapped, a user has to create the window.
  • The user has to select SGM at the window level and click on save button.
  • After saving the window detail, click on Send Feedback where the user has to define Site, Award, and session. If these filters are not selected then feedback will be sent to the students who cleared a particular SGM.
  • The user will get a message as feedback is successfully sent.

Photo Capture Using Web Cam


We are going to introduce a new feature in iDC Student Module where the student will be able to capture their photo using Webcam which can be saved to their profile. Admin can also capture the students’ photographs using the webcam and save to the respective student’s profile.

Key benefits:

  • This approach will help in saving the time and cost of extra effort made to save the photo in the system and upload it manually for each student.
  • This will also reduce the chances of a wrong photo upload as the Photographs are captured on the spot.

Using the Feature:

Follow the below steps to use the Webcam for capturing and saving student Photo:

  • Go to the Digital Campus → Student → Student Details
  • Search a Student and Click on Student Profile Button
  • Click on Upload option at Student Photo icon.
  • Click on Take Snapshot to Capture the Photo through WebCam and Click on Save. 

Additional Learning


We have introduced a new functionality named as ‘Additional Learning’

Key benefits:

  • With the introduction of this functionality, a user can schedule and conduct additional learning in an organization such as Guest Lecture, Seminar etc.
  • The user will also able to define the Identified Gap in the curriculum for whom the activity is going to conduct.
  • The user can be defined by the following types of activities:
    Guest Lecture
    Industrial Visit

Using the Feature:

  • Additional Learning Master:-
  • Go to Digital Campus > Timetable > Miscellaneous > Additional Learning.
  • Select whether the activity is for any gap filing or curriculum.
  • Define Activity Name and Type, Faculty In-Charge, Date, Time, Presenter, Venue and Applicability.
  • Map required Program Outcome (Map PO) for activities.
  • Define Scope for which program session students this activity is going to be conducted.
  • Also, if required user may map faculties who are attending this session in the second tab.
  • For Attendance Marking:-
  • The user has to define a leave type for additional learning at the following path:
  • Go to Digital Campus –> Timetable Settings –> Configure Default –> Leave tab.
  • Once leave is defined at ‘Consider for Additional Learning’ only then the user will be allowed to mark the attendance.

Only Faculty In-charge and Admin will able to mark attendance for additional learning activities.

If slot and additional learning activity are applicable for students at the same time.
In such cases, if student marked as Present in additional learning activity then leave type which is mapped at default setup will flow for a student in their timetable slot attendance.
If the student is absent at additional learning activity then there is no impact in timetable slot.
If the student is on leave then leave is shown at both places timetable slot as well as additional learning.

Student Counselling


Introducing a new feature called ‘Student Counselling‘. Currently, we are rolling out phase one where only an admin will have the rights to create and edit student counselling.

Key benefits:

  • We are offering new features where an Admin can raise counselling for Students.
  • Counselling can be offered for Academics/Personal.
  • It will help an organisation to maintain the better environment in the organisation by resolving various grievances of students.

Using the feature:

A user can use this feature from the following path:

  • Go to Digital Campus–> Student –> Student Counselling.
  • Create Student Counselling.
  • Select Student, Counselling type, Faculty (who is going to provide counselling), Date and Status.
  • For Academic Counselling: A user will have the option to select Subject which is not a mandatory process.
  • Currently, it is applicable from Administrator. We may enhance this feature in the upcoming release.

Introducing Manual Punch under Raise On duty Application

Description: With this release, introducing Manual punch under Raise On duty Application. Suppose an employee has forgotten to punch or wishes to mark in and out punch manually, then he/she will have provision to raise On duty Application by selecting On duty type = Manual Punch. On selection of this On duty type, the system will enable a new field i.e. In/Out Punch. The employee can select any one value in this field and can fill the timings.  If the user has selected IN PUNCH in this drop-down then they are allowed to fill the In Time-outs field will become Non-editable and vice versa.

Key benefits:
Easing the complications for employees in case he/she forgot to punch.

Introducing Negative Leave balance
Description: With this release, introducing Negative leave balance concept in Leave module. “Allow negative leave balance” flag has been given under Leave Master. By default this flag is false. If admin checks this flag, then the negative balance is enabled for the organisation wrt that leave type.

Key Benefits:

With this feature, employees will be able to apply for leave even if the balance has been exhausted. The number of days will be considered as negative balance and once the leaves are credited to their account, the leave balance is settled.  Now avail an absolute work-life balance.