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Integration of Client module with Manufacturing

Now create a party in the client module and generate a sales enquiry, sales quotation and sales order directly.  This is beneficial in case of shorter sales cycle and ensures smooth order processing. (S107)


Social Networking Using Social CRM

Keyword driven tracking and monitoring of posts related to products and services on Twitter and Facebook. This is a quick way of capturing the voice of customers on the one hand and prospecting on the other. (S107)

Bulk Upload of Daily Worksheet

Sales/field officers can update daily activities for clients in bulk through a template. This eliminates the effort to create/add activity individually for each client, reducing the time taken and enhancing field/sales force efficiency. (S75)

Appointment Scheduler

Provides an updated view of appointments for specific local centers in terms of facility/room on a daily/weekly basis (time slots availability, service offered, care giver details and more). This enables a central location/call center to schedule and manage appointments and eliminates the possibility of overlapping appointments, increasing resource utilization. (S64)