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No human can help you hack in a computer-based exam

By Venguswamy Ramaswamy, Global Head, TCS iON

In a country like India, where malpractices galore and results gets delayed, computer-based test (CBT) brings in a large number of advantages to the students and to the administrators. The advantages are many. Some include:

  • Superior candidate experience in the application, fee payment and other pre-exam activities
  • Confidentiality of question papers until the last moment of the exam start time
  • Transparency in the system with the availability of digital footprint at every step
  • Controls to monitor, detect and prevent any malpractice attempts including impersonation
  • Higher productivity in the execution of the end-to-end exam process
  • Speed of execution resulting in exam boards ability to shorten the process timeline
  • A strong set of analytics driven by digital data helps the board to extract valuable insights.

New approaches to cheat, indulge in malpractices gets developed by miscreants regularly. Every CBT platform provider needs to be constantly on the edge and ensure adequate controls are enhanced in the platform continuously. Some of the key security measures that matured CBT platforms provide include:

  • Impersonation Detection using biometric and facial recognition algorithms
  • Multi-dimensional randomisation covering exam centre, shift allocation, candidate lab, candidate seating inside a lab, item (Question) positioning within a question paper, options position for an item, staff allocated for an exam center, invigilator allocation to an exam center.
  • Watermark in the Screen uniquely identifying the candidate
  • RF Signal and Bluetooth Signal scrambler to stop external solvers getting connected with exam candidates
  • Isolated, protected Local Area Network keeping the exams free from external hacks
  • A uniquely ordered question paper for every candidate
  • A unique process that assures that the access to the entire Question Paper is not available to any human being until the start of the exam
  • System assembled question paper from a bank of questions authored by a group of experts
  • Encrypted Question Papers being shared securely just before the start of the exam
  • Decryption of the question paper at the first candidate click in the exam center
  • Hard binding of the computer for a candidate thereby preventing the choice of location in the exam center
  • Continuous Self-Monitoring algorithms in the candidate computer relaying back information on the set of process and activities along with alerts to a central command center
  • Live CCTV feed of exam labs with necessary alerts to monitor exam conduct from a central location
  • Post Exam analytics with detection of suspicious duplicate candidates (where there is a match for both correct and incorrect responses)
  • Detection and prevention of any attempt to connect external physical devices to the computer that is conducting the exam for the candidate
  • An assessment specific operating system that governs the exam with controls and drives fair and free exam experience. It allows dynamic internet check, biometric verification, candidate behavior tracking and eliminates dependency on third-party operating environments

All of the above are part of the security capabilities that matured CBT platforms provide. There are several other capabilities that tightly control the security in pre-exam, during-exam and post-exam conduct activities. The adoption of new security measures in the examination system has not only helped reduce malpractices significantly, but has also greatly helped identify fraudsters. One of the major concerns for the education system is the exam fraud racket in India and these technologies are addressing these concerns continually.

  • Signal Sniffing: RF and Bluetooth signal sniffing help identify a candidate’s engagement in unfair exam practices.
  • Live monitoring: For candidates appearing for an exam from remote locations, they are monitored by a proctor through a live online proctoring, observing the candidate via a video camera. The examination activity is recorded, and an alarm is raised using advanced analytics if any malpractice is detected. This technology eliminates the prospects of conspiracy between candidates and invigilators.
  • Candidate System Management: The local system is constantly monitored for dynamic internet checking, detection of virtualized environment, detection of additional hardware and other such attempts to identify fraudsters real-time.

Most of the fraudsters swindle students out of thousands with false promises and assurance of good marks. In a state of desperation, students tend to give in to such dishonest acts instead of trusting themselves. Majority of candidates who attempt to cheat during exams end up at the police station with an FIR filed against them. It is important that students become aware about trusting their abilities and relying on themselves to be successful, as these malpractices will put their careers at stake. Additionally, there exists an unspoken pressure among candidates appearing for exams, which leads them to fraudulent activities. Students’ mental health is of utmost importance and therefore, must be addressed.

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Customer Overview
The Goa Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education (GBSHSE) is the main state board of education in the Indian state of Goa, responsible for secondary and higher secondary education management in its affiliated schools.

Business Challenge
1) Inconsistency in marking across evaluators.
2) Totaling errors due to unevaluated answers.
3) Sections were left unevaluated by evaluators.
4) Delays in result publishing.

Solution Delivered
1) Digitized answer book marking process in 2015 and 2016.
2) Evaluators data and answer books on the cloud.
3) Marking scheme to drive uniformity.
4) Auto governance checks like totaling, reviews.

Value Created
1) 40% reduction in evaluation cycle time.
2) Reduced Re-Evaluation Requests.
3) 100% elimination of totaling errors.

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Cloud Computing- Data On Your Fingertips

Computing Power To Stay One Step Ahead

“Sharing is Caring”- and cloud computing is the perfect example of this. When it comes to the IT world, the most common topic of discussion in recent times is cloud computing. Cloud computing has created a wave of progress like no other.

What is Cloud Computing?

In simple terms, cloud computing refers to massive data storage and distribution without a single user intervention. It can also be described as online data centres which are made available to multiple users to store and access data on demand.

The largest cloud in the public domain is Amazon AWS which was launched in 2006. The humongous system provides companies, individuals and even governments a space on their cloud to manage and run operations.

Software professionals are looking to make the most of this technology because as per market trends and the world becoming a smaller place, cloud computing seems to be most coveted profession of the future.

Advantages of Considering a Career in Cloud Computing

Given the growing popularity of the field, cloud computing is fast becoming a profession to reckon with. Some of the reasons for you to consider cloud computing as a serious career option are:

  • Demand for computing professionals is on the rise

Corporates are looking for professionals who have mastered this new technology to further advance their company goals. Organizations nowadays need strong cloud support to ensure the smooth functioning of their hardware and software. A cloud computing certification bolsters your resume and proves to the company that you’re the right candidate for them. It is a technology that is here to stay, so a certification will give you an edge over others.

  • Computing professional enjoy a handsome pay

Since this is a relatively new technology, professionals in the market are emerging. This raises the demand for certified cloud computing professionals and increases your bargaining power as well. It also gives you the chance to choose from a list of favourite companies. Given that it is still a niche field professionals with a valid certification are handsomely recompensed.

  • Job Security

Cloud computing aims to maintain and sustain massive amounts of data. A certification proves your credibility with your employer and helps you cement your position in the organization. Another reason for this to be a secure field is that it is not affected by market conditions. Cloud computing is independent of volatility and serves as a long term and fruitful profession.

Cloud computing has transformed the way businesses operate. From multi nationals to start ups all employ some form of cloud computing to further their business. If you’re looking for a career that will keep you in demand and allow the freedom of choice, then this is the way to go.

Before you decide to take the plunge, consider all options to enhance your resume so that prospective employees can bank on your expertise. One such certification that can give you the much needed impetus is TCS iON ProCertCloud Computing. This certification helps your gauge your proficiency and provides inputs to improve your skill set. An added bonus is that it gives you the chance to connect with global corporates who are on the lookout to hire certified professionals. Opt for a recognized Cloud Computing certification today and watch your career soar!

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Fresher Skills Meet Corporate Expectations

Understanding the requirements of the New Age Employer

A degree is a stepping stone to bigger and better opportunities. However, experienced professionals will tell you that, while a degree opens up various doors, the only way to seal the deal is to develop some essential soft skills to enhance your profile.

Corporates are always on the lookout for well-rounded and informed candidates who can push their brand in the right direction. Here are some basic skills that one needs to hone before applying for that dream job.

  • Communication Skills

Perhaps one of the most essential tools, communication and appropriate expression of thought can make all the difference. Employers expect prospective candidates to be articulate and express their thoughts with clarity and precision. Apart from the actual interview, mailing skills also play an important part in gauging professionality.

  • Learning Aptitude

Adaptability is the key to steady growth. Even though the fundamentals of a job might not change, the processes, systems and products might be upgraded over time. An employee who can shed outdated methods and adapt to new processes effectively is more likely to be considered for bigger opportunities.

  • Out of the Box Thinking

Innovation drives a business. The new ideas you bring to the table define you as a follower or a leader. Check the company website, social media feeds, and news articles about the company which will enable you to give relevant and creative answers during the interview. Hiring managers are always inclined towards candidates who can bring fresh ideas to their organization.

  • Domain Knowledge

It goes without saying that domain proficiency is one of the basic qualifiers for a candidate to be considered for a job. For an extra edge, read up on the current trends in your domain and update your understanding of the subject. This shows that you’re good with research and always looking to improve yourself.

  • Teamwork / Collaboration

“Teamwork makes the dream work.” Unless employees cooperate and work together in harmony, the company cannot function smoothly. Corporations are made up of various teams who work towards a common goal. Being a team player with a zest for collaborative insights is considered a strong strength by prospective employers.

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Are you up for a challenge? Will you quit at the first sign of trouble? Interviewers tend to throw hypothetical challenges to gauge your problem solving skills. Candidates who can come up with professional solutions exude more confidence and show character which puts them in the running for the position.

  • Attention to detail

Small gestures go a long way. Did you reply to the hiring manager’s mail confirming the time of the interview? Were you on time for the interview with the documents you were asked to produce? Candidates who show earnestness and a natural flair for minute details are a dream to work with. This puts employers at ease because they know you’re reliable, punctual and a stickler for rules.

  • Leadership Quality

A good manager is someone who pushes for team growth and progress. Did you lead an event or fest in college? Be sure to mention this fact in your resume and highlight it in the interview especially if the event you headed was a success. Employers look for candidates who show a natural potential to be a future manager.

  • Digital Knowhow

Most jobs will now list a set of computer applications or programs they expect the candidate to be aware of. Even if the use of the application does not directly affect your day to day working, it is advisable to be adept with basic skills. Apart from boosting your resume, you could also make suggestions to speed up current processes with the help of relevant computer applications.

  • Professionalism / Work Ethic

A critical commandment for an employer is choosing a candidate who displays ethical judgement and a strong sense of integrity. Long term associations can be formed only if you build trust with your managers. Your reaction to difficult situations and owning up to your errors goes to show that you are sincere and just.

Now that you know the requirements, how do you gain an impetus to crack that job interview? TCS iON Common Corporate Qualifier Test (CCQT) is one such distinctive program which partners with prominent corporates to conduct assessments based on a variety of parameters. Successful candidates gain an advantage and stand the chance to be hired by the partner corporate. Get ready to win the race and land your dream job.

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Meghe Group of Institutes digitally transforms students’ learning experience

Customer Overview
Meghe Group of Institutes, Nagpur is one of the biggest education group managing more than 50 institutes. The group operates predominantly in colleges, offering Graduate and Post Graduate degree in Engineering, Medical and Management discipline, with a student base of more than 60,000 and faculty strength of more than 10,000.

Business Challenges

  • Data mismatch across departments.
  • Absence of integrated solution for end to end campus management.
  • Huge amount of paperwork for student attendance, employee leaves, procurement related requests and approvals resulting in increased time and costs.
  • Increased efforts and reduced accuracy due to the manual generation of reports.

Solution Delivered

  • Implemented TCS iON Digital Campus and TCS iON Digital Learning at three engineering colleges of the group to streamline its campus processes and improve student engagement.
  • Automated end-to-end process of campus management, facilitating student and faculty lifecycle management.
  • Collaboration and communication among students and faculty made easier with TCS iON Digital Learning.

Value Created

  • Online workflows reduced the approval time from weeks to minutes.
  • Better collaboration among faculty and students.
  • Ease of access with mTOP.
  • Increased transparency with online feedback.
  • Elimination of data inconsistency across departments.

Customer Testimonial

TCS iON is exhibiting responsibilities as an organization and working with Meghe Group of Institutes in implementing the suggestions and meeting additional requirements for proper usage of TCS iON modules. – Prof. Gauri Chaudhary, ERP Head, Meghe Group of Institutes

Industry 4.0 is redefining the future of Campuses!

Digital Ideas that are Transforming the Future of Academics

When the Germans re-introduced the concept of Industry 4.0 (I4), in 2011, little might have they imagined that it would create such a disruption. The idea, which was proposed as an upgrade for manufacturing systems, has gained universal acceptance and become a revolution. Academics is no different.

How has the Education sector adapted to this?
Campuses have slowly started including integrated and holistic methods of management to effectively create smart solutions. Industry 4.0 attempts to bring about positive and long-lasting changes to administrative systems. Let us take a look at some of these:

Upgraded Administrative Services
Processes including admissions, documentation, registrations, applications, and counselling are being digitized. This is enabling easy access of information and removing the hassles related to tedious manual labour. New age features like digitally signed documents, upgraded computer systems for record keeping, and high-tech attendance recording devices, also bring reliability, scalability, and security.

Students Data Management
Keeping track of student history and growth is an effort-intensive process. With Industry 4.0 entering campuses, this is easily managed by digitizing information such as official letters, college allotment, curriculum assignment, student feedback, personal documents, leave marking, timetables, and fees. Digitization also makes information easily available on demand.

Digital Exam Handling
Industry 4.0 has also revamped the way exams are conducted on campuses. Applications like digital display of exam schedules, collection of exam registration fees, distribution of hall tickets, cloud-based question paper generation, minimal manual intervention, and tamper-proof evaluations are some of its many benefits.

Employee Data Records
Campuses or institutes have multiple departments with each of these having full-time, visiting, and contractual staff members. Industry 4.0 facilitates digital, cloud-based record management so that institutes can maintain employee data seamlessly. Systems today can manage staff credentials, keep tab on leave status, check recruitment policies, update individual employee performance, manage training modules, and finances, mainly consisting of end-to-end payroll cycle.

IT solutions on campuses are proving to be a boon in this age of fast-moving technology and shorter attention spans. These solutions alleviate core management issues and help steer the institute in the right direction. It has multiple applications like enabling faster procurement of inventory, creating handy digital copies of their internal policies, improving speed while working, and streamlining responsibilities by keeping everyone concerned in the loop, in a transparent and well-defined manner.

Digitalization is undoubtedly transforming our campuses. Right from curriculum development to management, and assessments to alumni relations, Industry 4.0 has the potential to disrupt systems and processes across every touchpoint.

We live in a brave new world, where digitalization is an enabler. Its applications are limitless. All we need to do is to leverage it for reaching out to the relevant stakeholders; both internal and external.

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CCIM reduces affiliation cycle time from 6 months to 6 weeks

Customer Overview

The Central Council of Indian Medicine is a statutory body constituted under the Indian Medicine Central Council Act with a vision to guide, develop and sustain a network of ‘Institutions of Excellence’ in education meeting the national needs for global trends and to regulate the practice of Indian System of Medicine viz. Ayurved, Siddha, Unani Tibb and Sowa Rigpa.

Business Challenges

  • Cumbersome paperwork process of manually getting the audit proforma having students, staff and college details.
  • Prolonged process of audit reports preparation.
  • Lack of real time audit status reports.
  • Inconsistency in audit reports; prone to human errors.

Solution Delivered

  • End-to-end digitization of affiliation process.
  • Online collection of data from the auditors and automated generation of audit reports.
  • Audit record archival and real time communication and status reporting.
  • Standardized and efficient process for data sharing and archival.

Value Created

  • Affiliation cycle time reduced from 6 months to 6 weeks time.
  • Reduced paperwork with online data collection.
  • Elimination of data duplication.
  • Ease in data management with one click retrieval.