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Audit Log

View complete history of transactions by tracking changes made while filling and/or processing the form with respective date and time stamp. This enhances accountability as complete trail of changes made are captured and hence, minimizes unauthorized transactions. (S71)


Date Bound Applications Forms

Specify the date range (start and end date) for which application forms submitted by students can be examined preventing approval of any applications submitted after the specified end date. This strengthens the scrutiny process and ensures transparency. (S71)

Copy to Autofill

Copy specific or all candidate details from the initial enquiry form and auto populate the relevant fields in subsequent forms (e.g. name, address, contact details etc. from enquiry form to the admission form). This reduces effort and time involved. (S71)

Image Cropping

Provides the applicant the ability to resize the image as per the application form guidelines. This reduces iterations due to errors and ensures a quicker and smooth application process. (S55) 

Form Save as Draft

Allows an applicant to enter information in the application form and save it as a draft. The applicant can log in later, review the form or continue to fill the form and submit it. This is helpful in cases where the information required is not available at hand or wherever there is irregular internet connection. (S55)