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Group-By Feature in Reports

Represent information by grouping values in the report based on filters (party code, party account, currency, accounting site, transaction site) as per business requirements. For e.g. you can generate the party outstanding report as per party account to take action as necessary. (S130)

Templates in Drill Down Reports

Generate various drill down reports by creating templates with only required columns. For e.g. in the JV report you can view only the transaction site and voucher number and hide the remaining columns. This gives the flexibility to generate reports as per your requirement and to get multiple views of the same report. (S130)

Impairment of Asset

Now calculate the impairment (difference between book and market value) and account for it accurately to maintain assets as per the current market value. This ensures that assets are correctly valued and not overstated in the financial reports. (S123)

Amount Wise Voucher Limit

Configure amount wise voucher approval limit for various transactions of different user groups. This creates hierarchy approval mechanism and tightens control over cash transactions by bringing user accountability. (S123)