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Validating Applications using the Duplicate Check

Restricts an applicant from applying more than once within a defined period by configuring validations (based on parameters – name, D.O.B, PAN card). This helps eliminate submission of duplicate applications. (S113)

Snapshot and E-mail

Take a quick screen capture and email the same to recipients (internal or external) to communicate any errors or to seek assistance while performing a transaction. This ensures faster resolution of errors and queries. (S113)

Leave Attendance Routine

Gives the flexibility to run the leave attendance routine based on employee number or site location. This allows the administrator to exclude employees (contractual/consultant) as required and regularize attendance before the payroll cycle is run. (S104)

Employee360 Screen

View complete history of transactions -requests raised/approved/cancelled for various modules (leave ledger/leave/loan/advance/claim and more) in a single screen and eliminate multiple screen navigation. (S104)