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DIMENSiON June 2018 | Learning

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TCS iON Digital Learning

Maintaining organization branding is now easier for admin

Feature: Watermarking configuration in iDL

Description: Introducing Watermarking for the Media files in the communities and documents in the Course Content.

The Organisation admin will get an option to enable the watermarking and upload logo under configuration tab of preferences.

When watermarking is enabled and logo is uploaded then at the time of media creation or content creation, you will get an option ‘Do you want to add watermark’. On selecting yes, the logo uploaded will appear on the files.

 Note: It is applicable for image converted document files and videos.

Key benefits:

Admin can do the organization branding using this feature

Course content can easily navigate on mobile device

Feature: Manage Courses in mTop

Description: Now, the admin or faculty can preview their courses from their mobile devices using the Manage Courses tab. This tab will be available on the default landing page. On navigating through this tab, the admin or faculty can go through the Course template or Batches content.

Key benefits:

Admin or faculty can easily navigate through the course content from mobile devices.

Get the notification of Course completion by completing mandatory nodes

Feature: Completion progress and grading based on mandatory nodes.

Description: Now, the course completion meter will increase on the completion of mandatory nodes.

Earlier, the participant used to complete all the nodes and the course completion meter or grading was based on each node completion.

Now, a configuration checkbox ‘Consider Course as complete on completion of mandatory units’ will be available for the admins under Configure Grading Scheme screen. On selecting this checkbox, grades will be configured on the basis of mandatory nodes completion. Course Completion meter will progress for the participant, on completion of the mandatory nodes only. This option will be based on the selection of the mandatory nodes only

Key benefits:

  • The user will be able to complete the course by completing mandatory nodes.
  • Admin will be able to Calculate Grades for the participant on the same basis.


Highlights of the month :-

Configuration for sorting timeline on basis of the chronological order of Posts

Users can now sort timeline on basis of their chronological ordering (ascending in terms of their creation time)

Description: Introducing a new sorting configuration Chronological Order of Post on the timeline. With this sorting configuration, the timeline will show the first post at the top and similarly, the later ones in their chronological order of posting. This will help you to maintain the sequential ordering of the posts.

The three sorting options are:

  • Recently Created Post
  • Recently Acted upon post
  • The chronological order of post

These sorting options will be available as icons on the timeline.

Key benefits:

The user will be able to sort timeline in a sequential manner.

Resend mail notification for external user credentials

Resend mail to new external user invited in an Organisation

Description:  Introducing a feature to resend mail notification for the external user credentials. With this new feature, whenever a new external user is invited, the login credentials for the user is shared via mail to them; in case, a user deletes that mail by mistake then the admin can trigger a new mailer with the credentials to provide the access.

This resend mail option will be available in Pending Invitations screen under the Manage Options of Community Admin Panel.

Key benefits:

The external user can get his credentials using this resend mail option.





DIMENSiON May 2018 | Learning

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 TCS iON Digital Learning

Sharing and reviewing the comments are now simpler

Feature: Introducing a new functionality in the Assignment screen, wherein the admin will have an option to evaluate the Assignment by annotating the comments digitally in the uploaded file of the user in the Assignment.

Description: Following are the changes implemented:

A) Faculty View:

  • The option Add Annotation will be available in the Evaluation
  • The document opens in the full-screen mode and the annotation symbol is displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  • Once the admin or the faculty has evaluated the participant’s response, after that the admin will be able to view the annotation response, in the Assignment
  • Upon saving the annotation, the Annotated file will be available for the participant only if, the Faculty publishes the score. The Publish Score option is available for the options: Evaluate, Exempt & Close and Close in the Assignment For rest of the other options (Reject & Retry, Reset, Reject & close), the Publish Score is not required and the annotated file (if available) will be displayed to the user via the View Faculty Comments option.
  • The annotation can be done for only selected file types like: .ppt, .doc, .pdf etc. The Guidelines for Annotation can be referred in the Create Assignment screen and in the Participant Status screen of Assignment

B) Participant View:

  • The participants can view the annotations on the assignment with the option View Faculty Comments and will be able to view the annotation, if available. This option will be available by clicking the View Result Status in the Content Player.
  • The participant can view the full annotated comment of the faculty on hovering over it.

Key Benefits:

  • Faculty will be able to share the comments via annotation in the uploaded file.
  • Participants will be able to get the Faculty’s review points through this facility.


Get the direct ‘Unsubscribe’ mail option in any community

Feature: User will get an option to ‘Unsubscribe’ from mail notification for a particular use case.


There are two UCP Channel Configuration screens.

  • Admin UCP Channel Configuration
  • User UCP Channel Configuration

The Admin UCP Channel Configuration screen is managed by the Org Administrator and the User UCP Channel Configuration screen is the one provided to every user. If the Org admin selects any use case for the user’s configuration, then the user can view that use case in their UCP Configuration screen and can uncheck the mail for any community for the provided use case.

For example, if the admin selects the user’s configuration for ‘Blog has been posted’, then, this use case will be provided to all the users under UCP Configuration screen and they can now switch off the mail for the blogs for any community. This is the current functionality.

The navigation path through the mails to leverage this functionality is provided.

With this functionality, if the admin has provided the users configuration for any use case, then, the recipient user receiving that mail will be provided an Unsubscribe link in the mail. Upon clicking the unsubscribe link, the user can navigate to User UCP Configuration screen (upon login) and can uncheck the mail for any community for the provided use case.

Key Benefits:

You can directly unsubscribe the mails for any use case in any community.


Protect your personal data with GDPR complaint

iDL GDPR Compliant

Feature: iON Digital Learning is now GDPR Complaint. There are certain changes in the solution to protect the user’s personal data.


iON Digital Learning handles both personal and non-personal data of the users. Non-personal data will remain untouched while for personal data it is categorized into BAU (Business as Usual) and Non-BAU. For BAU data, the consent will be mandatory and for Non-BAU, the user can provide the consent manually.

These GDPR related changes are implemented in the following screens:

  • Attributization
  • Privacy Notice (T&C renamed to this)
  • Preferences
  • User Profile Page
  • Personal Data Manager
  • WebInstaller User Creation and Attributization Template


  • Attributization:

Earlier, there were five options for every attribute as, Self Edit, Admin Edit, Admin View, Self View and Others View. Now, the Self View column is been hid from the front end, which in result disables the admin to decide on to which fields to be visible to the user from their own profile page view.
The Others View column is been hid from the front end as well. Only the fields First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Display Name, Salutation, Unique Id, and Profile Photo will be available for Others View.

However, the non-personal attributes will continue to be visible to Other Users.

  • Privacy Notice:

The Terms and Conditions are renamed to Privacy Notice. The Privacy Notice contains the details of Business as Usual (BAU) personal data. The user must provide their consent to this data by clicking on OK when the solution launches for the first time. The user can view the same details provided under Privacy Notice as on the right side of the Breadcrumb tab.

This consent is shown to the users again when there is any change in privacy policy and the users will be asked to provide their consent again.

  • Preferences :

The T&C tab will now have following options.

Create Policy: By using the Terms and Conditions, the Org admin can create new policies.  Whenever there is an updated policy published, it is available for the newly joined users but in case the consent is required from an existing user, the admin must take the consent from all the users.

Manage Policy: This allows the Org Admin to edit the existing Policy.

Capture Consent Again From all Users: By using the Capture Consent Again From all Users option, the admin can procure the consent of all users again in case a new policy is created or the existing policy is edited.

Upon clicking OK to Capture Consent again from all users, the success message stating Consent has been nullified for all user successfully displays.

  •  User Profile Page:

Now, when you navigate to other user’s profile page then you can only view attributes available for Others View. And when you navigate to your own profile, you will have all the attributes available for Self View. Here you will be able to view a shield icon. You can provide the consent by clicking the shield icon.

Upon providing the consent, the field becomes editable. In case, the attribute is selected for admin is view/edit then the fields will be available for admins to view only.

  • Personal Data Manager:

Introducing Personal Data Manager screen. It can be accessed from the Launch Other Solution icon present on the top panel. The user can view/change the consent from this screen. This screen consists of the attribute details of the users across all the solutions.

Key Benefits:

iDL solution is now GDPR compliant and it protects the personal data of the users.


Get a clear visibility and user friendly view on media files

Full-Screen Configuration in Media

  • Feature: Configuration of the Full-screen icon in Media Files.
  • Description: At the time of media creation, if the field Allow Download is selected as No, then, the checkbox configuration of Full View will be displayed. Here, the Admin can select the Full View checkbox for the Full-screen icon in the Image Viewer and the Modal window and vice versa.
  • Key Benefits: Clear visibility and user-friendly feature.


DIMENSiON April 2018 | Learning

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Digital Learning

Get a clear visibility and user-friendly view on SCROM

Feature: In iON Digital Learning, we have implemented a new functionality where a SCORM uploaded in the TOC node will be opened in a new window. Previously, SCORM was opening in the same window in the content player but after implementation of this feature, SCORM will be opened in a new window and as per need, users can adjust the window size.

Description: Following are the changes implemented at :

   1. Admin View:

The configuration for SCORM to open in new window will be available to Admin/Faculty in the Content Screen while uploading SCORM in a TOC Node.

If faculty selects this field “Would you like to play SCORM files in a new window” as YES, then SCORM will open in a new window.

If faculty selects the configuration as NO, then SCORM will open in the same frame of the content player.

    2. Participant View:

When participant will open SCORM node, an instruction page will be visible in the content player. These instructions will guide them regarding the configuration done by the faculty for SCORM to open in a new window. SCORM will open in a new small size window on click of the TOC node. If pop up blocker is enabled, the user can click on “Click to Launch” button to explicitly open the SCORM window. As per user’s requirement, the SCORM window size can be adjusted.

Key benefits:

  • SCORM can be viewed in the full-screen window, thus reducing the need to scroll the page in content player.
  • Clear visibility and user-friendly view.


New upload file up to 1 GB

Feature: File size more than 300 MB can be added as media.

Description: In iON Digital Learning, a new feature has been implemented in which heavy files (more than 300 MB) can be added as media. Also, org admin can increase the org file size limit maximum up to 1 GB.

Now as per the implemented feature, the user can upload maximum 10 files of below 300 MB size but the total files size will be in accordance with the maximum file size limit of that particular organization. The same is mentioned under Guidelines of Media.

If the user uploads a file of more than 300 MB, then one file can be uploaded at a time. If two files of more than 300 MB are selected then a message is displayed stating that it is not allowed.

Key benefits:

  • The maximum file size upload limit has been increased to 1GB for an organization.
  • The user will be able to upload the file of larger size (>300MB).



DIMENSiON February 2018 | Learning

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TCS iON Digital Learning

Set a fixed end time for all the users during assessment

  • Feature: Ring the Bell in Assessment module.
  • Description: Ring the Bell is a configurable parameter, to which the admin can select at the time of assessment creation. If the admin selects this parameter and provides the assessment end time, then the assessment automatically gets submitted at the mentioned time regardless of the user’s assessment start time. This parameter does not consider the duration but, sets a time limit for assessment submission.
  • Key benefits: Admin can set a fixed end time for all the users irrespective of their start time.


Chance to re-attempt and improvise the performance in assessment

  • Feature: Retake Assessment in Courses.
  • Description: Earlier, if the user scored the pass marks or greater, then the assessment was complete for the participant user. Now, if the user wishes to improve the score in the assessment, even after scoring pass mark or greater in that assessment, will be able to retake the assessment. The highest score of all attempts is displayed as marks scored in the Assessment. This parameter can be configured at the time of assessment creation.
  • Key benefits: Participants get a chance to re-attempt and improvise their performance in assessment.


Control on the re-attempt duration

  • Feature: Cool off  period on course assessment launch
  • Description: Cool off period is the duration between two attempts of assessment. It is a configurable parameter in assessment creation. The cool off period displays on the assessment launch page. It enables the user to view the attempts information and cool off period set for the assessment. The user also gets the information of previous assessment attempt with duration and submission time.
  • Key benefits: Admin can control re-attempt duration for participants.


Enabled options to add courses as a pre-requisite

  • Feature: Courses available as Prerequisite

Description: Earlier, the TOC creation was the prerequisite in a course to proceed to other TOC. Now, the admin is enabled to add the courses also as a prerequisite. A validation of maximum five courses to be added as pre-requisite. In case, the auto-enrolment is enabled in the batch as a pre-requisite, then the user gets enrolled directly else, the admin needs to accept/reject the pending request of the user.

  • Key benefits: Admin can select other batches as pre-requisite.


Faster updating of parameters in SCROM

  • Feature: Configure score data update in SCORM content
  • Description: Earlier, once the SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) is completed by the participant, the score calculated at the first attempt used to get stored in DB and did not update even after the participant has launched SCORM multiple times.
    Now, a new configuration for SCORM while content creation “Would you like to update SCORM runtime data models even after completion” is added.
    Post attaining the completion status for the first time in SCORM, the score of the participant should be updated or not updated, can now be configured by admin.
    The default value for this attribute is as No.
  • Key benefits: Admin can configure updation of parameters in SCORM.


TCS iON to launch ‘Phygital’ to offer vocational training across country


TCS iON which started as a cloud service unit of TCS in 2011 has since grown to become one of the largest digital assessments.

TCS, India’s biggest Information Technology (IT) services company, is betting big on vocational training harnessing the strength of iON, the company’s digital training unit.Starting from the third-week of February, TCS iON has announced the launch of “phygital” project, an ambitious initiative which intends to leverage both the physical and digital infrastructure to offer vocational courses in far-flung areas across the country.This initiative closely follows the Central government’s focus on digitalizing the classroom which was outlined in the Union Budget presented earlier this month.“Our batches have started in mid-Feb and as of now, we are imparting training for two job roles – business development executive and stewards in hospitality sector. While we are looking at integrating with government schemes, we will continue to expand the portfolio of courses through the year,” said Venguswamy Ramaswamy, Global Head – TCS iON. As per this model, the digital infrastructure will be provided by TCS iON while for physical set up, it will partner with corporates and training & content providers.iON which started as a cloud service unit of TCS in 2011 has since grown to become one of the largest digital assessments and examination platforms with most of the premier entrance examinations being managed and hosted on the iON infrastructure today.Ramaswamy also said that TCS iON’s recently launched Academic Hub programme for universities will soon see partnerships from foreign universities. “In the next few months, you will see Academic Hub integrating courses from foreign universities who want to offer learning here. We are currently working towards making these courses more affordable,” he said.Academic Hub connects universities in need of speciality courses with faculties located in different locations who can teach the courses using TCS cloud infrastructure.In the Union Budget 2018, the Central government has announced an initiative called “Revitalising Infrastructure and Systems in Education by 2022” with a total investment of Rs 1000 billion. A major focus of this programme would be on digitising education.

Ramaswamy says apart from the budgetary provision to strengthen the education infrastructure, the government is also promoting educational programs like Shiksha and Eklavya which give enough scope to harness the power of digital solutions in education.“The adoption of analytics is reasonably low in the education sector here and will catch up in another couple of years. Also, usage of augmented reality and virtual reality in content creation for learning to create 3D animated lessons will be of particular interest here,” he said.He added that the digital push in education has also resulted in higher demand for ERP solutions to streamline the financial aspect of educational services. iON has seen increasing requests for ERP solutions in the education covering the entire spectrum starting from admissions to even alumni management.iON is currently focused on improving their B2C offerings in education and allied services. Ramaswamy said, TCS is currently giving the final shape to its marketplace model called App Hub. “The intent is to give opportunities to startups with specific applications to meet needs of the education sector whose biggest challenge is the lack of opportunities to showcase their offerings,” he said.TCS iON conducts over 80 per cent of high scale examinations in the country through its digital infrastructure and has 5,742 examination centers across 607 cities in India. Its digital assessment centre is Kolkata is said to be the largest of its kind across the world.

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