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Enables the work force to view their schedule for a particular date and sync it with their phone calendar, allowing them to set alerts for their upcoming activities. This ensures adherence to work schedules and improves overall operational efficiency. (S37)


Reminder for dues

Stakeholders (students, parents, faculty and staff) can set alerts for multiple tasks (outstanding fee, due date for book submissions and more) by downloading mTOP on their mobile. This makes it convenient for stakeholders to keep track of pending tasks and complete them within the deadline.(S37)

Customer Outstanding

Detailed reports on outstanding payment like vendor payments due/ receivables can be generated on your mobile. This empowers field force to keep complete track of payments on a real time basis and have total control over outstanding. (S37)

Campus Management Solution (CMS)

Search – Search for an overview of campus activities anytime anywhere with a single click on the iON mTOP. Check book availability status in the library, view the timetable and contact details of faculty and more, on your mobile. (S28)


Invoice/ Inventory – A picture of your inventory status at various locations is now available on your mobile screen. Get details of where your inventory is stored, when was it purchased, shipment and other details at any time by logging into mTOP on your mobile. (S28)


Key Vitals – Check the profitability and productivity of your stores while on the move. With iON mTOP you can now get details such as revenue generated per store, number of customers visiting the stores, total number of appointments in a store, average bill per store and many others, all on your mobile. (S28)