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Gratuity and Leave Encashment Liability

Gives complete details of all employees eligible for gratuity and leave encashment policy for a period at any point in time. This snapshot enables management to plan for possible cash outflow/liability in the event of an employee(s) separation. S(85)

Provident Fund (PF) Electronic Cum Return (ECR) File

Extract the PF details for all employees of the organization in the government specified format eliminating manual compilation of data. Directly upload the data on the government website ensuring hassle free data transfer. (S85)

Pay Code Rule Configurator

Allows you to set parameters based on employee slabs for payment of complex calculation like variable salary, overtime and more. It makes it simple for your payroll staff to cater to any complex payroll requirements without having to depend on vendors or external subject matter experts. (S50)      

Flexi Income Tax mode

Calculates income tax deduction for all employees or a group, by setting automated calculation mode at individual employee level. This gives the provision to accommodate requests from employees to defer income tax deduction for genuine reasons. (S50)

E-mail Salary Slips

Go paperless by sending salary intimations to employees via email as soon as it is disbursed. This saves the HR administrator’s time and effort in generating and sending individual employee reports separately, saves stationery cost and supports your green initiative. (S50)