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View Budget Details while Creating Purchase Order

Users can check the defined and available budget for the destination site, item, category, and period while creating/editing a PO. This helps in taking purchase decisions based on the available budget. (S127)

iON P&I Business Processes

View various P&I business processes (purchase, receipt, dispatch flow and more) in a visual format. This gives information on process flow defined in the solution, helping in easy understanding and navigation of the P&I processes. (S127)

Workflows for Indent

Configure workflow for indents raised (material request) from stores/warehouses. This helps monitor the consumption of material across locations and take informed decisions to control costs. (S127)

Budget V/S Actual

Displays the budget utilization for a purchase or request based on the budget amount allocated for a site or site and category for a period and how much has been utilized during that period. (S119)

Top 10 item adjustment

Gives details of top 10 items with maximum adjustment done from the stock. These adjustments can then be analyzed on quantity or value of items and helps monitor maximum adjustments passed for an item for audit purposes. (S119)

My Actioned Request

Helps user to filter and view all transactions that have been actioned/approved/rejected in their workflow. This provides an easy and faster way to search for transactions processed. (S119)