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Amending the Bill

Provides the flexibility of giving discounts to customers even after generating the bill/receipt. This can be utilized to promote customer loyalty as reward or appease any dissatisfied customer. (S45)

Advance Order Booking

Enables you to maintain, update and cancel advance booking taken on behalf of customers. This helps you increase efficiency by planning for orders, inventory stocking and workforce allotment. (S45)

Split Bill

Allows you to split a bill based on individual consumption or the type of item ordered. Separate bills can be provided to each customer sharing a table based on what they individually consume. In addition, a customer’s food and liquor order can be split into different bills to facilitate reimbursement. This makes it convenient for customers to share expenses and simplifies their claim procedures. (S32)

Repeat Order

Allows you to get a view of the customer order history and prompts favorite items from past orders filtered by name, phone number and date. It is a one- click process that saves time and helps develop customer loyalty. (S22)