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Walk-In Details Capture at POS Till

Capture and record details (name, phone number and email id) of customers at each POS till. This data can then be used to carry out demographic analysis and help frame various promotional campaigns. (S67)

Real Time Stock Update at POS

Allows the store manager an option to update the stock sold at various points of sale (POS) tills at any time during the day. This provides up-to-the-minute sales data and helps place urgent stock replenishment requests. (S67)

Price History

Displays all the prices (currently applicable price, discontinued price) associated with a product and lets you choose the correct price ensuring faster system response to item queries.(S67)

Data Sync Dashboard

It is a dashboard that tells the status of data synchronized between outlets (Local Instance) and head office (Central Instance). In case of a failed record transmission, the reasons are shown for necessary correction. It helps in regular and smooth data synchronization especially when there is a weak network connection available in some outlets. (S44)

Item Image Upload

An image of the item can be uploaded for viewing in the item catalogue and at the Point of Sale. You can then identify the item not just by its description but also visually. So if there are many items with the similar description, choice of items are still accurate. (S44)