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In-Transit Bucket

It is a hypothetical location where the materials exist while they are in transit from one location to other. It maintains batch-wise details of goods to trace the shipment easily. (S34)

Capturing of Alteration Requests

Requests for alteration from customers can be captured at the billing counter with a log of pending alterations being maintained. (S34)

Appointment Scheduler

It is a schedule of awaited shipments from the supplier, forecasting the date and time of arrival. This helps the retailer to plan for the labor and space depending on the type and quantity of inventory to be handled. (S27)

Gate Keeper Margin %

It is the minimum profit which the retailer wants to earn on every item, ensuring that the margins are met during procurement. So if a purchase order is raised against the MRP at a price that does not meet the defined margin, the user is alerted. However, this does not prevent you from raising the purchase order, but only cautions you. (S27)

Customer Request

Logs cases where customer requirement for an item could not be met at a store with the information getting consolidated and fed into demand planning, thus helping you track potential loss of sale and plan for the next season to ensure items are available in right quantities and variants. (S21)

Zone Pricing

Helps to manage variations in prices among locations and suppliers across merchandise, providing the flexibility to price the item for a fixed duration at each zone or more specifically at a location, thus helping you define competitive pricing strategy. (S21)