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Accrual based membership

Allows to define a membership type (as ‘accrual’) by which the consumers accrue benefits on their transactions. This helps to reward customers based on their buying pattern. (S48)

Business Parameter Configuration

Allows the head office to define business operating parameters like center timing, appointment configuration, refund limit, discount limit, petty cash limit and more; based on the store location and profitability. This facilitates control/tracking of operations of each store across the organization. (S48)

Inventory Dashboard

Enables center managers to view and manage all day-to-day inventories in their respective stores on a single screen. Thus, each store can plan promotions and inventory distribution by monitoring expiry of items, pending indents, transfers done and more between branches. (S48)

Day End Status

Tracks the day-end-status of each store to ensure that the store has completed all its business transactions successfully and the data has been uploaded and consolidated at the Head Office. This allows the Head Office to have better operational control at any point in time. (S38)


Enables existing customers to refer their friends/ family with both the referrer and referee being incentivized through discounts. This enhances the customer base and boosts revenues. (S38)

Repeat Requests

Capture details of previous sessions of customers, tracking their preferences like choice of brand, attendant and more. This facilitates better personalization of services and streamlines inventory planning and stocking. (S38)