DimensiONs: Business Value of iON Solutions

Discover the value of iON Solution capabilities DimensiONs highlight the values that can be derived from different capabilities of the iON solutions, to make business more efficient. DimensiONs help in understanding how a capability can make operations more convenient, save costs, enhance customer service and deliver business growth.


DimensiONs of this week:

This week’s focus –  iON Education Solution

Lesson Planning ODR
Generate reports regarding the targeted and completed status of the syllabus associated for each period. This helps the management to track and monitor the progress of faculty and take suitable action, if any.

Manual Promotion
Students can be detaining for subjects and the rest promoted manually by selecting a radio button (pass and fail option) .This, reduces the operational burden for the administrator and exam department/cell.

Generating a Single Report Card for All Students
Administrators can download a single PDF report card file for all students in a batch for easy print in one go. This saves time as downloading multiple files for each student is eliminated.

For more details write to ion.salessupport@tcs.com

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