Is your business demanding better ERP system?


In today’s era, businesses have to keep pace with growing competition. Businesses are moving from growing number of customers to delivering superior customer experience. Customers are equally empowered with latest trends and technology hence there are always expectations for better service which will yield to better value. Organisations cannot achieve it only with enhanced customer service, they need to have right processes in place in order to deliver higher customer value with improved business efficiency.

Here are the 5 signs that will indicate whether your business demands better ERP system in order to deliver higher customer value with business efficiency:

1. Response Time:

Is your response time high?
Dynamic business environments demand quick and agile system that can bring improved business efficiency. From customer service’s point of view, if they are not able to solve the customer’s queries in an instant manner, they have lost the customer’s faith in the brand.
B2B or B2C, business has experienced cut throat competition and company which manages customer relationship effectively always wins over. Response time defines the readiness of yours to serve the customer better. One of the important element of quick response time is your data availability and which can be ensured with your ERP

2. Process simplicity:

Are your processes complex in nature?
Best in class ERP software will not only make data readily available but also it makes system processes run smooth. This gives a clear mandate to run processes effectively thus giving clarity to individuals about their roles and responsibilities. ERP helps in integrating discrete processes together thus giving a consolidated single view of your business. It provides enhanced visibility into your organisational processes.

3. Paperwork:

Does your organisation is heavily paper-based or excel based?
With the effect of SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud), data gets generated is humongous. Analysing such enormous data is a mammoth task if your organisation is still paper based or excel based. Major challenges with such organisation are ‘lack of visibility‘ into the current business scenario. To address this challenges effectively ERP systems provide real-time insights by analysing available data as per business scenario. This leads to error-free decision making on the go. The paperless system not only saves a lot of money but brings system standardisation with effectiveness.

4. Data security?

Is your data secure?
For any business most important part is their data! Data security is a prime concern for many organisations. Data related to payroll, customer details, vendor details or any confidential data need to get processed with maximum data security feature which will allow businesses to run smoother ensuring restricted access. Many features of ERP such as biometric integration ensures a high level of data security with high availability.

5. Planning and budgeting:

Are you sure that your planning and budgeting is at its best?
Apt planning and budgeting is a characteristic of any successful organisation. Planning doesn’t work out overnight. It needs analysis of current situation and ability to foresee future situation. Appropriate planning results into saving losses (monetary as well as non-monetary) thus improving business efficiency. MRP feature of ERP allows you to plan your activities in best possible manner. It not only helps in reducing expenses but also ensures timely production without wastages. MRP feature of ERP helps you to maintain business continuity which is one of the critical success factors for any business.

About the Author

Dipesh Kothari has been associated with TCS for more than 4 years now. He worked as the delivery head for TCS iON ERP and has been responsible for successful implementation of TCS iON Solution at many customer locations. Currently, he is the Business Development Manager for TCS iON International team.